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Requests 1-173 were asked and answered back when there were only 25 books.
Also, some of the early questions were unintentionally truncated and cannot be restored. However, the answers are shown in their totality.

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Who can carry a map outside of the city with no repercussions?

I am working on some songs for performing throughout Gor in service to my Master, Rygon. I am drawing a blank on any mentioned slave markets other than Cernus of Ar and the Sardar Fairs. I was hoping you might have a few names of rougher places where less well trained girls might be sold fresh off a voyage of acquisition. I wish you well!

Greetings Master Fogaban, It seems to me I once found a place on your site that showed festivals like the Sardar Fairs and the equivalent Earth calendar, now I cannot find it. Am I dreaming or did you move it? Sincerely, tor

is there a ref to "tarn's roost"in the books please?. Thank You.

In the books the Summer solstice is referenced as when Turia changes over it's calendar. With Turia being south of the equator, wouldn't the summer solstice of the north be winter solstice in Turia? Which technically it would be the winter solstice when they called their New Year>

Tal, Master. Kissing the rim vs kissing the side of a vessel. Kissing the side is mentioned over and over...but I do recall reading in very few instances where the rim was kissed. I am not able to find any quotes that support that. Can you please confirm if was done and if so, provide a quote? Thank you.

Is there or can there by : "Unowned slave"

How much did Elinor Brinton cost in US Dollars? In "Captive of Gor" (#7), Chapter 1, Page 1: "By the standards of Earth, I was regarded as extremely beautiful. Yet on this world I am a fifteen-goldpiece girl..." If a Gorean goldpiece is equivalent to $1000, than it seems that Elinor was a very expensive Acquisition, indeed! Somehow, I think my calculations are a bit off; I cannot see a Gorean paying so much for an Earth girl, an untrained and unskilled barbarian girl of Earth. It is true that she is very beautiful, perhaps more than most: "... more lovely than many..." Ch1/Pg1, so she was NOT Inexpensive, she was Desirable. Also, she was not 'Handled with Care' when transported to Gor, she was treated the same as the other girls, so no special treatment. Apparently, she was not considered VIP status... So, can you help me, please? How much did Elinor Brinton cost in US Dollars? It seems that she was NOT a cheap Acqisition, was she "affordable" by the common

Where in the books does it proclaim that elf slaves are forbidden? Thank you Fogaban Be Well nods to you enivri

Hi! My name is Ember and I was trying to figure out one of the less-mentioned situations in the books. There are certain cases where Slaves are seen pretending to be Free Women. Not because they are evading the collar, but at the command of their Masters. I was wondering where it talks about this, and whether there are actual laws surrounding this situation or if it's more of a 'well, your Master told you to, so their word is law'.

where is the city of Mytilene on the gorean map

I am looking for a quote on gorean law ,regarding Free Women and the training of slaves ie. Gorean dance. Is there such a law against FW training slaves to dance? Jessica Johnson, peanut{GN}

Are herbalists mentioned in the books? specifically, are they a sub-caste of physicians?

Tal, Fogaban, I recall reading in one of the books about a blood auction but I cannot recall WHICH book it was. I'm looking for quotes about a blood auction. Thank you!

Tal, Master I do hope you find this to be a valid question. It is not my intention to waste your time. But, I have googled this over and over and come up empty. Perhaps I am not wording it properly in my searches. Question...Do slaves have a naked kneeling ritual in the books to beg entry to a private residence? This is often taught online and I am not sure it is accurate. If this exists, would you be so kind as to direct me to the book(s) where this takes place and a quote if you have it? I do remember reading that a slave, Elizabeth, I think, stated that there are over 100 ways to enter a room. Thank you and well wishes, Master

Slaves are not allowed to say the Free's title together with Master/Mistress; For example: Master Ubar, would be considered unacceptable. Where in the books verifies this statement?

Are there references to Marriage in the gor books?

I heard the term "Contract Woman" which is not in the books I have read (up to 21). What are they and are the closer to slaves or free women? Thank you.

Are there any ceremonies or steps to make a slave a Free Woman? Other than the obvious of removing the collar that is. Thanks.

Hiya, Your Site is very helpful so thankyou for your hard effort. Now my question is this.. if I owned a slave girl and my word is law as her owner correct or can other free's command her and override her owners word.. I cant not find quotes that owned slave owners word is law before others free's Hope understand what i mea

what quote says of a man that if another touches and punishes his slaves he kills them, as he is the only one to punish his slaves?

Did any Gorean free Man or woman in their chosen or borne into caste, make mistakes? Braxyn, Gor, Portal of Dreams

We’re their harems or pleasure Gardens in Gor in Turia

best description of the mistresses kiss or the kiss of the mistress. i know its mentioned in book 6 (raiders).

I have collared a slave, and I recall that there was such a thing as a "honeymoon" between a Master and His newly collared slave after a collaring in one or more of the books - but the actual word used for honeymoon was different. This is a twenty year old fragment of memory - so I am not sure. Have you heard of such a thing? Regards, Bosk, of Gorean Shores

Hi there. Is there anywhere in the series that deals with the stars and constellations, specifically are there any named constellations? or legends/stories involving the stars? Thanks in advance

Hi there! I am sorry if this is a vague request, but I was coming up short and hoping you could simply tell me if you remembered in all of your reading/searching ever coming across anything about a Free man legally "claiming" a woman as companion without ceremony, specifically in Torvaldsland but perchance anywhere in Gor. I believed it to be an online-ism, but wanted confirmation. I dont necessarily need a quote, but if it is in fact true, I thank you for the knowledge.

Hello there There are refernces to bakers, butchers, carvers, brewers, gem cutters, etc, etc and then of course we have Merchants. What I am looking for (if it exists) is something that confirms if bakers, brewers, etc are considered castes in their own right or, if they sell their products, are subsets of the caste of merchants ? If a baker or brewer is a caste how/could they become a "Merchant" ? Would a Baker that owns and runs their own shop be a Merchant ? If a brewer built up a name and had trade deals with other cities would they now be a merchant ? A lot of questions I know, sorry. In short - what would be the difference between calling a person a Baker or a Merchant ? Thank you PS - Kudos for keeping this site going

I could have swore there were quotes in the book about how disrespectful it was for a slave to defend their Master, but I can't find them now. Do you have any idea? Thank you, in advance.

Does a Free woman kneeling upon entering a home Stone and present herself to Free with in it? this is an ongoing dispute among free i have seen... looking for any quotes verifying that they should?

Salutations and Greetings I often see mention of rum as a drink, especially in Port Kar and other "pirate" type settings. I have been unable to find it directly referenced so I was hoping you could assist with quotes or maybe your insight as to if such a drink would be feasible Thanks in advance

is there a rite of Hospitality

is there a quote of a Free women kneels in tower at entrance of a Home in greeting.

Are there any quotes on suicide? Thank you.

I have never read about any mamba people leaving their native home and moving into cities taking up Caste. Can this be confirmed via a quote? That mamba people stayed in the jungles of Ushindi and would not have become “civilized” and say become a slaver for instance!

Tal Master I beg forgiveness for the interruption, I have a question that is bothering me and I cannot find any quotes on the subject. Did the FW in the Wagons wear weapons apart from the Quiva? Some in our camp and saying it is BTB "

Tal, Master, Thank you for this well researched site ~ it is my Gorean bible. I have read 8 books thus far, and hope to one day have them all read. Anyway, my questions is this. We often use "Gor is not fair, Gor is not just, Gor just is." I love that saying as it is very fitting. However, I can not find any reference to it being in the books and I am pretty sure it is not. Could you confirm that? And, would you possibly know it's origins? Well wishes

Is there a quote supporting that bonds knelt? I find so many use the justification of standing as "bonds didn't kneel."

I've been trying to locate any and all Quotes from the books based on coloring/dying hair. I have found one, but I am having a hard time locating others. Thank You, Donna W

Are there any dragons in the gor books

question wat of female domination in gor life?

Hello, something that made me go, "hmmmm.." came to my attention. Is the term "BOOK" used within the Gorean series aside from maybe a description of the entire series ?

Please tell me about the city of Vonda in the books. Thank you slave Lara Sunrise

Hello, say, a question was asked about "Glasses" on Gor. To my knowledge there were none mentioned specifically but can't recall if they were spoken of , off handedly ? Any insight would be appreciated.

Where does it talk only men can are pirate?

I am looking for a quote regarding the usage of sex toys such as strap-on's, dildo's, and anything of the sort besides the whip.

Hello, a question if I may. In your scrolls under "Animals"/ "Birds", the Herlit and the Hurlit. I was under the impression that the Herlit was akin to earths eagle AKA "Sun Stalker" yet, in your quotes you claim the Hurlit is known as the "Sun Stalker". I am confused.

Master wants a quote about honey he says i taste like honey he is hoping there is a quote saying how good honey tastes

I need a quote regarding the price of stabiliztion shots

Good morning. I am trying to find a quote to back this from Luther's scrolls: "Gorean mythology even provides a story justifying the creation of slavery. Long ago, there once was a war between the men and women of Gor. In the end, the women were defeated. But, the Priest-Kings did not want all of the women killed so they made them beautiful. This was to entice the men to want to keep them instead of slaying them. But as a price for their beauty, the Priest-Kings also decreed that women would forever be slaves to men." I am confident that I've read it, but I cannot recall where it came from and would be grateful for your help! Have a wonderful day!

Please would You check the newer books for instances of a slave speaking 3rd person? keywords might be "speak", "speech", "third", etc. Thank you so much, Master

Is there any instance or quote to support an un-companioned FW adopting a child? If so, would the child follow the Mother's Caste? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

Greetings again Fogaban, I was recently asked or rather a statement was made that implied all Scribes were weak and defenseless persons. I seriously can not believe that Scribes were presented this way in the books. Can you find anything to support the theory or deny its validity please? Thank you in advance for your efforts. Kiyah

Hello Sir, sorry to bother you but I am limited on my search skills with this computer. Could you please provide me with the book, chapter and page where Norman describes the term "Ko-lar" please? Thank you

Hello, I was wondering if you could add a "Bathhouse" section. If you have it already, please help me. I can't find it. Haha Sam

were does it say a FW does not show her shoulders in open

Heyo Fogaban! I'm having issues with roleplaying a spy network and have only been able to find a reference to spies in Kar and vague references; are there any notable spy networks or systems mentioned in the books? Perhaps them being mentioned as a caste?

I have read that those being brought from earth are indoctrinated in the ways of Gor on the journey. I am not sure of where to look for this. My point being however, is that all races should know of the Priest Kings including men of the North. Is there a quote that shows this? The North in many online games especially Second Life have become a parody of the series "Vikings" and they do not know or acknowledge the Priest Kings. It has been awhile since I read the books but it was my impression that all men below the mountain knew of the Priest Kings and feared them. Can you show me where I might find proof of that?

Tal Fogaban, Can you tell me of any instance that you have come across that mentions a Kennel Mistress? I understand there is a distinct difference in a kennel and slave house?

Looking for a quote about a FW wearing necklaces on Gor

Salutations. I am looking for instances where men of the cities wore trousers rather than tunics or robes. Also any instance of a woman wearing trusers/tunics as part of everyday or work wear. My thanks in advance

I have a question in the section on women and swords. It is quoted well and noted success and failures as appropriate. But 'no weak men of gor'. There is one area not mentioned. Tarl in Outlaw of Gor where he and a merchant are bound by a silver board and told to kneel upright. Tarl does so, to no ones surprise. The merchant cannot. Tarl then impressed them by bending and helping the man kneel upright. And the warriors applauded his strength. I am sure you can find the exact passages. My question is thus. Does this not show there is great enough disparity in the strength of men to at least say there might be some weak ones? And Yes I concede, I recall not one passage of a genuinely strong woman. I do not claim women to be equal. I ask for clarity.

Greetings again Fogaban, Hope this request finds you well. I have found some resistance to the forming of a Mercenary Company within a Gorean City. My idea is that a High Council of a City has formed a Mercenary Company outside of their Red Caste of Warriors. A company of men who are charged with following the City Civil Law and yet are a business the High Council contracts out to other cities or any Free Persons in need of escorts. From what I can tell from a few quotes in the books, they were hired sell swords who escorted caravans and bolstered city armies if contracted to so do. Yet many in SL seem to consider them as nothing more than thugs and cut throats and I disagree. So my request is if you could help me figure out if there were codes and laws for Mercs, and indeed examples of them showing honor to the Home Stone their company would have been based in. To me this seems perfectly logical since they were Gorean Men, not Outlaws. Thanks for any time taken. Regards Thor

Been a lot of talk lately about "SOCKS". Don't remember reading about them, do they exist on Gor?

Hi there Fogban, was giving this website but the girl kiyah (Harpersgirl) at the Gorean Campus in Secondlife. I'm trying to find all the quotes from the books that reference the city of "Tarnwald" and "Edgar" the mercenary. I would really appreciate any help you could offer. Best regards Thor

In Marauders, I believe, it is said that those of Torvaldsland believe in "Rune Priests" and that they read omen chips. In a discussion, Rune Stones and women being Rune Priests was discussed. The end results were, Can women be Rune Priest? Do Rune priest use omen chips or rune stones to foretell the future. Thank you

I have seen many cultures dress mentioned, but I can not find where it talks about how the wagon women dress even after reading NOMADS several times. Thank you for your time.

I am searching for the way the nomads counted years. They did not use the Gorean calendar but the breed of bosk and other ways. Can you tell me what the years or months were? Hanna

Are there any quotes, specifically, mentioning that one week Gorean is referred to as "Hand" ?

I been searching for any Quotes that back up Do Goreans have last names?

Good evening and thank you for the use of your site. I have recently come along a quote about how the Physicians used paga as an antiseptic and used to cleanse wounds and tools used. But i can not re find it, i was wondering if you could help me. Thank you so much for your time

What do the Torvaldlanders ride?

Greetings Master, I am trying to find a quote regarding the rental of a slave in consideration of ownership. I am most interested in knowing if a Master would be expected to use a rented slave sexually prior to purchase. I hope that is a valid topic to produce whatever mention there might be regarding the liberties a Master is allowed to take with a slave he has agreed to rent from a cities kennels. Thank you in advance for your website's information. You are an amazing resource for the Gorean community.

I play a thrall / kajirus in a Gorean rp. I was wondering if there could be more quotes from the books about if they are used in serves at all (heard that they could be if no female slaves were around to serve though that would be very sketchy at best). I know they are often used in Mines, Quarries, and Fields, but I was just curious about in the homes, not as silk slaves, if there were any such references.

I would like to know if Free Women of Gor hunted for SPORT. If so, under what circumstances, who? Caste? Thank you.

I will apologize now if this is one of "those" questions, but, I've been in argument after argument in regards to Masters/Jarls referring to their slaves/bonds as "mine" when I recall discussions between Talbot and Samos using this term. However I have been unable to locate these discussions to prove the term had been used if you could help or prove her right i would appreciate it very much. Thank you Bella

Tal, Fogaban! I am involved in the leadership of an HTML chat room based upon Mr. Norman's Gorean novels. A question came up that I had no answer for as some of my novels have been lent out over time and never returned. My question: Where do the novels discuss public kitchens? I'm sure I read about them, but I cannot recall, nor can I find the supporting quotes. Thank you so very much for your time and assistance! Aliyyah

I'd like to know the very first mention of panther girls in the series. I thought I recalled a brief mention in either Outlaw or Tarnsman, but I could be mistaken. I think there was a transition in Norman's treatment of them from runaway slaves to free women fleeing companions. Thanks!

There are many references to free women not being allowed to enter taverns; yet I can recall at least a couple of references where free women were working in a tavern or entered a tavern - I have the reference from Kajira of Gor that says 'in some they are' (p122), but I'm fairly sure there are others. Appreciate any assistance.

I am looking for quotes where a person was challenged to a duel and offered a champion to fight for him

there is formal greeting. mybe only between the planes people … however, it states that the bosk are well fed and the knives are sharp "it' good to keep them so." I need the whole greetng plesee

Tal Master, over the years I found Masters site extremely helpful, but recently I found myself within a roleplay and used the word soap, I am pretty sure I read somewhere in the books of soap being used, but I could not find the quote by myself, perhaps Master can help me?

"I love you, Tarl Cabot" Who said it?

Hello there! As far as I know, there are some references about the Gorean Alphabet. Please, I'd like to know if there is something about the Gorean numbers as well. Thanks a lot in advance and be well.

Im looking for a quote shoing smuggling from earth to gor?

Heya there, big admirer of the absurd amount of work you do here. Now, back onto the topic, have you ever seen the word Polemarkos used in the books? I want to know if it is mentioned anywhere in the saga and if possible, the description or the context it is in. Thank you very much!

I am in a great debate about how the physician caste was more advanced than the others. That their knowledge of medicine and such was more advanced than Earth. Can you please show me the quote if any? Also, were there any quotes on fast healing of injuries?

Hello Fogaban, In one of the books, there is a quote which speaks of FW who have beautiful slave girls and display them as a sort of tool for the purpose of getting attention from men. I remember I have bit puzzled by this quote. I knew about the one when Talena tells Tarl that she forces her slave girls to entice men, couch with them, to get informations they report to their mistress... But this other quote speaks of FW who use the beauty of her slaves, for getting approached by men... Entirely different. I read the 34 books and I'm unable to remember which one has this quote. I think it's in one of those with the character of Bina, the former kur's pet, and Grendel, the kur's hybrid and her protector.... I searched on google but didn't find it.... So, if you ever remember this quote, that would be great if you could post it! Thank you very much! Sophia

loking for a quote about witch person raises the male an female kids in gor for i thought i rember seinng one where it says a father raises the male kids an the mother the female kids

I am looking for a quote describing the custody arrangements for children. Example: Do mother's raise their daughters? Do father's raise the sons? Is there a certain age where sons are raised by mothers?

I am requesting a quote search for something that speaks specifically as to what a high slave is. I found two. One states it is a former High Caste FW who becomes enslaved and also in the camps, the highest ranking slave. I find nothing that supports the belief that if you belong to a High Caste Owner, you are a high slave.

Hi!!... Are there any quotes about slaves taking food / candy from a Master's hand other then her own Master. thanks

Tal, and thanks for this great resource. I have two questions regarding the calendar. First, you say "[...] the Spring Equinox as the beginning of the New Year, the [...] calendar will begin with the corresponding Earth day of either March 19th, 20th or 21st.". Given that Gor is orbiting the sun exactly opposite to earth, wouldn't Gor's (Northern, with regards to the solar plane) Spring Equinox happen around the time of Earth's (Northern) Autumnal Equinox?

Tal, I was just looking over some of the maps people have created over the years and noticed that the position of the Sardar mountain range varies significantly. I myself had always pictured it to be high up "in the northeast", but some, apparently newer, maps depict it "south" of the Vosk. I'm curious what I have overlooked that suggests the latter.

Thank you for offering this! In one of the first 25 books, there's a reference to women who are born and kept in captivity, raised as slaves, but who've never seen men. When they are put to use for the first time, they often go mad or die. I have searched and searched, but cannot recall what book it was from, and sincerely apologize that I don't have better search terms for you. I appreciate your help very much!

Tal Fogaban, I noticed that there was something missing from your Armor page that I took notice of in Assassin of Gor some years ago. While indeed there is no hardened armor besides shields and helmets in the novels, there is something unique in the 5th novel that is worn by Murmillius (Marlenus) that supports the real-world armored sleeve of the Roman murmillo gladiator: Supporting quotes as followed: Murmillius, at least until he himself should lie red in the white sand, held the adherents of the games in Ar, and perhaps the city itself, in the gauntleted palm of his right hand, his sword hand. - Chapter 15; Portus Comes to the House of Cernus I spun and saw, standing beside me, on my right, sword drawn, in the heavy helmet of the arena fighter, with the small round shield, the sheathed right arm and shoulder, Murmillius. - Chapter 21

Age is considered a disease by the physicians caste that has been"cured" by the "stabilization serum" (I recall reference to it in books 1, 5, & 7: I'm currently on book 8). It is also, in "Tarnsmen", indicated that Tarl's father is perhaps several hundred years old, but appears to be in his 40's. Is there any reference as to the life span of men that the serum provides? A similar serum used by Priest Kings almost makes them immortal (i.e. million + year life span for them), but slave wars before Tarl became Gorean lasted a generation. Is there any indication of what a Gorean human life span is?

I seem to remember that there was at least one occasion of a Free woman being sentenced to serve as a Bath girl for some wrongdoing. However I can't seem to put my finger on the passage, nor can I recall where I may have read this. Can you help me find reference to such punishment please? Thank you in advance for your time, and efforts.

Fogabane, Good afternoon! I was hoping you could tell me if there was anything in the books that gives reference to southern men being offended at being called Jarl? or if there is any reference to there being a difference between Jarl and Master; When spoken by slaves? ... I would greatly appreciate your assistance with this, thank you for your time!

Greetings Fogban once again. I wish to know who chooses the officers in a cities army, for example who would choose a General or High Ranking officer? Would the Ubar or High Council choose them and give them command? Or would the Warriors themselves choose their own Commanders? I know that every Caste has its own Head of Caste, but is the City's Army and the Warrior Caste the same thing? It seems not to be the case. I recall in Assassins of Gor, Maximus Hegesius Quintilius being relived of his post. Who relived him? Was it the High Council or Administrator or was it within the Warrior Caste itself? Search words: relived, invested, General, Commander, army. Also what are the Ranks in a Gorean Army?

I am searching for book references concerning the views and customs of same-sex relationships and more specifically anything that would support or refute whether companionships between two free men or two free women existed in the books. If there are any specific quotes concerning the general nature and views of same-sex relationships within the gorean population as a whole, I would appreciate those as well.

Tal Fogaban, You have one quote that is distorted and partly falsified. I don't know how this happened; I am impressed by the overall integrity of your work.
Here is the falsified quote:
"May I surmise from this," she asked, "as I know little of slavery, and am new to the condition, that there can be tenderness and kindness for a slave?"
"There can be tenderness and kindness for a slave," I said.
. . .
"Can masters and slaves be friends?" she asked. "Yes," I said.
. . .
"Do masters ever love their slaves?" she asked.
"Often," I said.
Blood Brothers of Gor Book 18 Pages 101 and 113
Check it, please.
1. The first ellipsis is used to hide the very important qualification on the tenderness and kindness.
2. I cannot find anything about masters and slaves being "friends" and suspect there nothing in any book that says this.
3. The page numbers are wrong. ..

Where does it say that a girl doesn't allow her back to be to a Free Man or Free Woman?

Greetings, Fogban. What do free men and women of Gor consider dishonorable? Search words: dishonorable, dishonor, disgrace, shame. Kind Regards, Caits Sola.

"When may a slave say 'NO' to or question a command given by a Free Person?" I'm not sure this is an exact quote. As there seems to be some confusion. With a slave speaking the word "No" in general conversation. To answer a question. Compared to telling a Free "NO" when being commanded to do service. Thank you for any help with clarification.

How do the free men of Gor handle their emotions, if there is loss, do they cry, or do they bury it?

I am seeking quotes on the city of Jad, do you think you can help me with that?

This is much in debate, and I am hoping you can lend some weight to the discussion. My understanding in my reading is that slaves will tower when in the -presence- of a Free Woman, unless in a tavern or other space that is a specific male only realm (tavern, his chambers, so forth). Many are clinging to what I believe a hold over of the onlineism that they kneel nadu at all times. I would love your thoughts on the matter. English, not being my first language, sometimes plays into my failing to properly grasp semantics on an issue, and I admit that. Over the course of many books; though, this seems to be the case. Thank you in advance for your time if you elect to take this one on. I love your site, and I use it as an educational tool for teaching those new to Gor very frequently. Thank you also for the time you take in updating it so regularly.

Greetings, I am trying to find out if there were indeed tarn on the Isle of Cos or if, since they were not generally transported by ship, none existed there. Thank you in advance for your time!

I am a female slaver. Are there quotes regarding female slavers entering taverns?

Geography: I'd like to know if it is stated, and where, whether the North and South poles of Gor are oriented the same as those of Earth, or are opposite. It matters in comparing the seasonality of Earth with Gor.

I am searching for some meaningful quotes that refer to slavery, chains or the loss of freedom and finding freedom in slavery. Can you help me please? Thank you for all the work you go to in maintaining this site.

Greetings, good sir.
A couple of questions I have been mulling on. Is there a code or a type of mutual understanding or law between free-men on how one uses anthers slave or to see one's persimmon if he is present? For example, A free man is sitting in a tavern with his own slaves or in public with his slaves, can another free man take hold of his slaves or command them to serve him? Without asking their Master to use his property. Was there etiquette or decorum about such things?
Secondly is there anywhere in the books that mentions slaves or fighting slaves, or any type of slaves fighting in war? For example I have heard people speaking about everyone in Port Kar coming out in the defense of it.
And did Cos use slaves to fight in the Cos vs Ar wars?
Thank your for your time.
Kind Regards

I am looking for the quotes that name cities that were once ruled by a Tatrix. Somewhere I am sure I read that Ko-ro-ba was once ruled by a Tatrix and her mate, though it might have been Ty. Now I can't find either reference, can you help me please? I thank you for all the effort you have put into the amazing resource!!!

is the word switch ever used as a form of punishment for a slave anywhere in the books, to my best knowledge it is never mentioned

I'll be honest, I've never fully read a book. But I would like to know what one slave girl calls another. If they typically use the names given to them, or what. I know Online they use sister, which I know is not correct. Please help.

I have noticed that there are more gay or homosexual characters in Gor. Is there mention in the books of this? Was it approved of, taboo?

The meaning behind kissing the side of a drinking vessel.

Tal from Ar, I could not find the quote in assassin's page here, but knew I saw it some where. So just was curious if you were able to answer my question, thank you. Was marked killers allowed to roam freely to kill in cities, or would city guard keep an eye out along with guard important people? I believe saw a Pani quote that there was a killer there, and guard put on alert. Another in southern city, that officials would be surrounded by guards.

I have been searching for any reference to the use of Pepper used as a cooking spice. I think it is mentioned in relation to the Tahari and the spicy foods that come from that region. I am sure I did not invent this idea out of thin air and if you would please let me know if there is an actual reference to pepper used for cooking I would be eternally grateful. This has been driving me batty!! Thank you, thank you for offering this valuable service to your followers.

Does the Tahari Desert use the Summer solstice calendar like Turia does?

Sir, A friend came and asked of me recently to bring her a quote that I cannot find and sort of turn my nose up at anyway. She is seeking a quote where it says blushing is wrong for a free woman to do in public. One would think with the litany of things being wrong for a free woman to do blushing would be almost spelled out but its not from what I can see. I've been told once its only slaves that blushed. I asked that person is it because there are quotes supporting such and therefore limiting your thought processes or is that you are forgetting that blushing is a human thing to do all together indicating shyness or nervousness and your just daft about the natural tide of emotions you have as a human? Please settle my argument. Thank you.

what is meaning of SLAVERS KISS?

Tal Fogban and much thanks for the Gorean Cave. I find Myself using it as a quick reference in conjunction with My kindle collection almost daily. My request is for references to females committing suicide to avoid the Collar. the subject came up in a group discussion. The only references I have found to suicide of any kind have been the pani regaining their honor by the knife. Thanks muchly for your help and for The Cave

Tal Fogoban, I have a request for a quote on smoking a pipe on Gor. Is this somewhere in the books? Thanks! Vynka

I am interested in quotes regarding a Free man impregnating a slave, and what happens to the baby when it is born. Does the Free Man get to choose whether it becomes free or slave? Does it automatically become slave because it was born of a slave? Does it automatically become free, because it was sired by a free?

Slave restriction

Tal Fogaban. Thanks for the info regarding the Feast of Fools. i would like to pick your brains on another subject if I may. From the information I have gleaned it seems that this is the year 10,166 CA. I am interested to know if you agree with this? Also I will take this opportunity to thank you for all your work with the Gorean Cave - it is a terrific resource.

compnaionship with more than one woman

Tal Where is the Feast of Fools - Also known as the Festival of the Cities of Dust mentioned?

where would i find something on what happens to a slave who tosses her hair over her shoulders

I have been looking for a quote where the slave girl is kneeling before the mirror making observations about herself to then realize she belonged at the feet of men.

Greetings Master, i was wondering if ye can post some poison quotes,names and what they do.Thank ye Master

Is there any reference in the books to male or female homosexuality? And if so, is there a distinction between Free Men and Women, and Male or Female Slaves? It is quite a ong time since I read some of the books, and I am just getting in to them again.

Is the title Lady used for a Free Woman all over Gor, or just in certain parts?

I'm looking for a single quote or a number of quotes that talk about how dual Castes are not permitted on Gor. Thank you.

there has been mention that some where in the book of Magicians of Gor that there is mention of casinos and i was just wondering if that was just something assumed because Goreans like to gamble or if there is actually reference to such places existing i...

Quotes regarding blood transfusion.

Is mead ever shown or suggested served outside of Torvaldsland?

Hello Sir, First I would like to say thank you so very much for being most thorough for supplying such a vast website of knowledge and putting forth your time into doing this.
With that being said I have read the books and in the books there is a quote about poison slaves and if they don't bite they die can you please can you give me that entire quote where it say's the slaves bite, they bite the person dies and the slaves die.
Please and thank you so very much, I know its in Assassins of gor. In that same quote it explains what happens to the slave if the slave doesn't deliver the bite in time.
Again your time is so very appreciated. I wish you well.

Tal Fogoban,
I am Chief scribe to a city which is not in the books but we have created in accordance with the books.
It is called Cartius and as you may have guessed it is situated on the Cartius, but then on the southern parts somewhere along the lines of Brundisium lattitude.
What I am trying to accomplish is to build Canon and history for the city along with a few interesting angles for storylines and story arches.
I have often used your information as reference and am very gratefull for your revelations of the book quotes and assemblies.
What I want to ask you is to help me to establish history for a city once started for the mining of the mountain ridge behind it (now abandoned) it uses trade and transport from the Schendi regions to the Vosk by use of a Dam in the Cartius where relay of ships cargos takes place.
What I need is references (not exploreres of Gor) to a possible city on the Cartius river where I can build Canon and history or storylines.
Grattitude from Vynka


Numbers below are for questions prior to 2015

beside yellowing of the eyes.. What would the Brazi plague do to someone?

Hello again Fogaban,

I hope you and pearl are doing well. I'm sorry to bother you, but this issue has been nagging at me for some time now and while I've tried other means to locate the quotes I know are there, I have had little success and

I personally do not live the lifestyle of a Gorean. But I commend you on taking that leap. At the time being, I merely Role Play it on AOL. I have currently created a state owned character and am having trouble locating quotes in regards (to Ar specifical


This is me Zarius, it was great meeting you last night at the gathering.

I do have a question, I know normans intent that not all women were submissvie to all men. I am looking for quotes that specify that. Can you assist me?
Tal, Fogoban - can you direct me to a description of what Gorean men wear on their feet.

I remember their standard footwear described as similar to the Roman infantry boot-sandal but I cannot find the relevant book or passages where such is de

Hello, I have a rp group where a girl brought a exotic slave to My home, now the problem presented is this she is rping her slave char is exotic and her saliva is not poisonous but is to render a person unconscious

since the books are vague,

dear webmaster
i am searching websites about kajirus for my Master. Beeing a gay M/s couple we wonder if anything has been written about male gays in the Gor world?
i have searched quite some sites but there wasnt any info about it, do gays exis

Dear Master Fogaban:

Greetings Master I hope this note finds you and yours well. Once more I turn to you when I cannot find the information anywhere else.
If you will permit, I would like to make a request for help on a position. The posit

greetings Master, she hates to bother You, but girl really needs some help, she is usually awsome at finding certain things that she needs but she cant find this, its for her Mistress and this is what she needs... (this is a direct email from Her and girl

Master im very sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but im looking for a quote....

girl just wanted to know if there is anything in the books about "hair the command bein givin as such...
"Hair" is a command given generally at

Dear Master Fobagan:

Greetings, I hope this finds you and yours well. I am writing for help with a quote, that is really a bit silly but has turned into a quest for both the Master and myself. It is about cosian wingfish.


a girl was wondering if You had any quotes or infomation on the Street of the Field Gates of Koroba?

Dear Master Fobagan if You have the time would You please help girl with this puzzle its a small thing that seems to have created a tempest in a teacup . on the maps of Gor there is a place called Ianda on msn gor there is a Home called Landa

Greetings Master Fogaban;
A girl prays this day finds You well. This girl is fairly new to the Gorean lifestyle and has only been training formally but a short time, she came across Your site as she was seeking the location of a specific quote. T

Thank you Master Fogaban Your help was greatly needed, this girl has a new question to place at Your feet.
this girl needs information on the Fighting it a group in the red savages or is it an Inn named the Fighting Hearts Inn?

this girl is seeking the answer to a question and is hoping You may help her. In book 17 an 18 it speaks of a woman in slaved by the red savages. She was given to the sames and they named her turnip. In the gorean book is there any other?

Greetings, Master.

sienna hopes this finds you well.

She is writing today to beg a favor from you, Master. She is hoping you might be able to tell her where this quote comes from: "The key to strategy is not to choose a path to v

"looking for a quote that state slaves cant beg release and cannot find it in the books about anything on that subject please help"

"Do slaves, kajira work with Beasts? specifically Kaiila, Verr, Bosk, Sleen, Tarsk and with vulo and with Tarns?"

"i am looking for specific quotes on healers. particularly if slaves in the books were healers or if they were all Free. i have been told slaves were, but have been unable to find anything on healers as opposed to physicians except the references to the H

"a girl is trying to find out if a badger is one of the earthen animals.. that could have been taken to Gor... and if there was ever mention of one in the books.."

"please if You would check to see if there are any mention of The Three Disciplines or the Three Levels of Discipline, or being in the first, second, or third discipline...."

"This girl would like to know if you know of any words that back up the kassar language in the books she was told there was a few but nothing to base a language on, this girl can't find nothing. she begs for any help to end a debate"

"Looking to see who made this quote:   'it is not enough to try, you must DO'"

"is there anything in the Scrolls about lighthouses?"

"Tal, I am searching Quotes requarding Tahari Laws, and The Major Tribes Quotes, and any other information Requarding the Tahari, as I am sitting up a web site for AOL/Gor."

"were butterflies ever mentioned as being on Gor?"

"Are there any references to "Albinos" or other "birth defects" in the books?"

"I am would like to know if it is possible for the individuals involved in a FC to remain with the original Homestone or must one go with the other. I have been told this has been done twice. The circumstances surrounding this question involves two citie

"reading of FC Ceremonies - a ceremony with veils used"

"Master Fobagan girl needs information on the Masters right to put His slave in any color silk"

"If I may I would like a few quotes regarding the Torvaldsland male and his height.I thank you for your time."

"looking for a Quote stating that a Free companion can place a "punishment collar" and then chain there Woman for the night at the foot of there couch the discussion this deals wioth is the fact that a collar can be a temporary thing and not permanent"

"There is a quote, I believe in Dancer, that refers to slaves having to be actresses. Could you please see if you can find it?"

"Is there any information in the books about the City of Tharnock? Where it is located, and style of life there? Key word: Tharnock"

"I am searching for quotes requarding the services of whom to serve First when you have the following Present 1) 2 Ubars one being the Hostee and the other being an Honored Guest And 2 Ubaras. We are tearching our slaves to be exact serves to the books. A

"this girl would like to know where on Gor the gold, silver and copper was mined. surely They had to mine them since coins and vessels were made from those metals. perhaps the key words would be "mined" and then the respective metal"

"Recently it has been suggested t me that the books give instances of slaves owning property. More specifically of Masters allowing their slaves to own other slaves sometimes to be called stable girls. Is this accurate? If so I really need the referenc

"i am searching for reference and quotes on poison girls. i know their kiss kills.. but what i need to know is there a serium that prevents this death given either prior or after the kiss"

"Are there any descriptions of mines in the books?"

"Would You kindly explain the grounds with references that a Master/Mistress declares a slave inept/disobedient and is slain. A Master in cyberland told Me that just because the books say a Master can do that it is irrelevant for there is no mention of an

"girl wishes to learn more of Tyros, which of the Books would be most advantageous in her reading"

"I am looking for quotes on slave restrictions. Specifically about Free restricting slaves furring. I recall two instances but not where they are. One was something like it is not uncommon for Masters to keep a favored pleasure slave to themselves. The ot

"There's a scene in one of the books where a woman who was abandoned as a baby seeks her inheritance, only to find that she was born into slavery. The keyword I would suggest is "puddle" as I recall a description of her clothes about her ankles being like

"My question is there a quote saying a Home may be ran but just an Ubara or that there can be an Ubar and Ubara that are not FC'd to each other but others?"

"are any quotes regarding a Warrior of the Scarlet Caste being appointed Ambassador of His City and in doing so, are there any references to Him now not being allowed to carry weapons?"

"I was wondering if you could help me find another qoute orthree, I am looking for the Quote requarding "Each City" having their own Caste System, and Met each Fair in the Sardar's to match their Laws, or update inforamtion requarding Caste Laws. Also am

"do the WAGON PEOPLE also use the word JARL?"

"I would like to know if anyone can provide me with Quotes and information back ground on the City of Venna"

"How did Warriors train Varts to attack and use them as weapons..How does one defence against them"

"I'd like anything You can find on:
She-Urts - specifically in Port Kar
Thieves - inside/outside of Port Kar
Caste of Thieves - anything You can find."

"a girl humbly begs if You might be able to locate the quote(s) referring to the diameter of a sparring ring/circle. she has been told that it is stated as a wooden ring approxiately 21 foott across. is this true Master?"

"I need to know if there is a quote anywhere that names Svein Blue Tooth as the BORN HIGH JARL of Torvaldsland."

"(When) does the phrase "Natural Order" appear in the books?"

"was there ever and instance of a Master helping out with chores"

"Where is it Mentioned about GREEN PAGA Used to help treat a Wound???"

"[girl] begs to know there any descriptions of paga being served in AR; and was this stored and served from a bota or some other means as she thought bota's were used only for travelling in Gor and not in the City"

"Are slaves permitted to carry coins or must they carry them in their mouth"

"searching for information on Kennel Keepers. she was hoping to find the title and a 'job' description with possibly some book references to it"

"is there a quote on a Masters kiss.or Kiss of a Master?"

"May she kindly ask if there is any expanation of something called * eleven kisses*"

"Urth, or Earth.. what is the correct way to spell the name of the planet opposite of Gor where the acquisitions took place in the books?"

"this girl humbly begs, for all and any quotes pertaining to treason, deceit lies by a slave"

"Can Assasins own slaves? And, if so, then are there specific serves that slaves of assasins do, other than the standard serves found across Gor?"

"this girl humbly begs, for all and any quotes pertaining to treason, deceit lies by a slave"

"Does the books ever give a price list of what it would cost to purchase a bosk"

"This girl would like to know if you please. Are there any quotes in the books that make mention that Men of the Black Caste cannot own slaves."

"When the vessel is placed between your breasts, near your heart, for the count of 3 heartbeats, this is recognition of your love, devotion and all of your hopes and desires to please. The three counts of the heart are for 1) love; 2) devotion; and, 3) ob

"[girl] has had a situation in her home where a slave touched weapons of her Masters......a slave sister that [girl] knows if trying to locate anything in thebooks which might uphold the touch of weapons by a slave"

"red sugar [girl] is trying to find the truth on if it was mentioned in the books some sites refer to it but never give a reference"

"This girl asks, would it be possible to get quotes on cup, Horn, and Tankard that she may use them in her research? Also, Master, if it should please you to further guide this girl that she may present a more accurate research paper, what were cups and

"I was wondering if there were any quotes about FW wearing makeup"

"Tal, Looking for a couple command quotes...
SANDALS: This a command for a kajira to place sandals on her master. The girl gets the sandals and kisses them. She then places the sandals on his feet, thonging them tightly, and kissing each knot as she c

"Is there and time a sword has broken a chain or a lock"

"I seem to recall a brief mention that women might have been in the caste of assasins, something about them being the least expected to be a killer. Is there anywhere this is referred to or am I just way off?"

"What quotes could you supply me about MEN using POISON? I hope I gave you enough to work with, if not then I apologize"

"are the positions of slave paces ever described in the order which they are supposed to be performed?"

"I am looking for quotes of descriptions on how the people of Thentis looked? If they were oriental in culture/physical attributes"

"I need a quote to prove that kalana is not poison when served in a silver please"

"I would like to know please if it is improper for a slave to spread herself in nadu in front of a FW. I have always been told they do so only in front of men or other slaves m or f. Never in front of a free woman. I have no idea how you'd search for that

"So often the phrase 'a Master may not always be right but he is never wrong' followed by "a slave always has the last word ....Yes Master". a girl has read the books...many more than once and when recently asked which book these are found in she realized

"this one was wondering if You could possibly find some quotes on Ubars similar to this one found in Slave girl of Gor...'The Ubar's power is limited institutionally only by his capacity to inspire and control those whose steel keeps him upon the throne.'

"With much respect this girl contacts You Sir. This girl is not of Gor, but has training that is very much in the liking of such or so she has been told. Please i would like the meaning of my name given to me by a Gorean Master. He named me.. alyena. Can

"Winds and Steel " cyberism only? I am almost certain it was used to farewell some warriors into battle somewhere in the books"

"Please can you tell me where it says that tarns cannot fly over water?"

"We need help finding any quote about Free Women dancing openly without repercussion. Especially in KoRoBa."

"Can you help me find any Gor quotes on thieves? I have tried and i cant find any anywhere, just any quotes for thieves that would be good and to the point, with steel, coinage or anything else"

"I would like to know how many cities are mentioned in the books, if it pleases you a list would be greatly appreciated, however a number so I know how many to look for works as well."

"I wish to find quotes of where a slave has neither a homestone or a family to claim"

"this one has just been sold to a Tuchuk Camp and would like to know what their plates/platters are made of. Some have said bone, clay or metal. Any help would be appreciated"

"The golden needle ceremony is used for what?"

"Is there any reference to Uls, the flying Tharlarions of the Deltas around Port Kar being able to be trained as mounts like Tarns are? Key Words:Ul,flying Tharlarion, riders, trained."

"any reference to "swamp spider"? I was told it was in Tarnsmen of Gor, but I can't find any reference there or on any webpage that lists insects or aquatic"

"[girl] is looking for any quotes on slaves with honor.. She saw some quotes with pride but was they any quotes where slaves were allowed honor or given honor?"

"I am looking for the quote, or quotes that name the layers of the robes of concealment of a Gorean free woman"

"In three SL's now I have seen debates over the fate of an Ubara when the Ubar no longer accepts her as a FC or he dies. Also when the Ubar is "missing" for an extended time. Some saythe Ubara takes over in event of death. Some say his eldest son (or daug

"I am looking for a quote on the time it takes wounds on Gor to heal, I have heard all wounds can heal within 3 days, are there any quotes to back this time scale up? I have read your assembled quotes on the Green Caste but did not see it mentioned ther

"In her own home, if there are no slaves, would a free woman get goblets and pour kalana for herself, her Free Companion, her sister and her free companions guest?"

"I am not sure this is appropiate, but do You have any quotes on Gorean Men showing mercy to women, or more speficially are there any quotes that show specifically a Gorean Man (not of the clan of torturers) torturing a woman?"

"do you have anything on the rite of knives"

"I own two kajirii. I need quotes supporting interaction between FW and male slaves, particularly concerning conduct and law... I.e. couching laws. Also, I have been told that for a kajirus to kneel in anything but tower nadu, in public, before a FW not h

"one is looking for the quote from Tarnsmean of GOr where he talkes of the Siege of Ar and the siege engines that Pa-Kur imployed to batter at the walls and to weaken the defences of Ar and the defences of Ar at the time what did Ar used to avoid the Sieg

"Where if any does it state that a FW can own a HS? Also if it state to the opposite where is it stated? Lately it seems there is an abundance of FW owning their own HS without any Men in residence or by her side."

"I'm looking for a specific quote/thread from "Hunters of Gor" where Sheera and Verna are leveling crossbows at Tarl in the Forest. I cannot find the page #, nor the whole paragraph (or anything leading up to and just after that specific quote). I'm won

"What this one is looking for.. is what types of food dishes are typically served at a Free Companion feast. keywords: food, Free Companion, feast ??"

"does it mention anywhere about if slave have a choice?"

"i need quotes on respect from a slave to her Master "

"A passage that refers to Gorean man having need to a female point of view."

"this one is looking for a quote or quotes of the brand dance"

"I would like to know all the books where the character Vella appeared. "

"I believe there is a tradition mentioned in the book where Tarl Cabot travels to Torvaldsland to meet with Ivar Forkbeard where a slave girl puts the drinking horn between her breasts to serve it. I am in need of the book and page number for that quote,

"Is there any reference for Cosian wine? I can only find Ta-Wine and am wondering if they are considered the same? I can only find a book and page for Cosian wine but cannot find the quote itself: Rogue of Gor pg 257...Can You help me find this as well, p

"Is the color pink occur in the books associated with items of any nature?"

"[girl] wanted to know, if there are any Assassins in the books, who were free women. Is it possible for a Gorean Free Woman to be an assassin?"

"where she can find this quote the lash, in such a situation, as a punishment, changes the woman's behavior, that she obeys because she does not whish to be whipped, but rather that the whip convinces her that she is now free to be the sensuous, sexual, m

"Is there a quote on ::: is there a length of time stated where a slave is considered abanded?? If so what is it.. and can the collar be removed?? and by whom... "

"i'm trying to understand what the Wagon Peoples would eat, aside from Bosk...seeking the quote that refers to....not eating what comes from the ground..."

"As a Surgeon, I was asked if there is any "cloning serum" - as was once used in a Site Home to repair a tongue. Do the books reference any kind of regeneration serums, or regeneration techniques? I'm not able to find any...Thanx for the assistance!"

"Was she-sleen a slave position?"

"how were white silk and red silk girls referred? i have heard the terms glana and falarina used, are these correct?"

"Is there a comparison of the strength between a Gorean Male and a Forest Girl (Panther Woman)? What foods were Panther Girls able to get a hold of. What foods were commonly found in the northern Forests. What weapons did Panthers Wield? Did Panthers e

"I was wondering if it is a cyberism used in the Yahoo channel that Free Women are expected to serve when no slaves are available, or is this also stated in the books?"

"Do Panther women bear children, raise chidden, or become pregnant?"

"...defining the term {hybrid Gorean}. I know it not from any of the books. It is suppose to explain what we here on Earth are doing in our attempt to apply Gorean philisophy. If there is any help you could give this kajira she would be most grateful."

"3 pillars of Gor what are they? some say homestone, caste, slavery others say justice, discipline, loyality"

"(girl) was hoping to find quotes on whether panther cubs are trainable. *smiles* a girl wishes You well and thank You

hmm maybe gianis is the better term... many claim that panthers or ta-lunas (the women) had panthers (the animals) as pets is thi

"Tal Fogaban, I was reading here on your site about only one instance where a slave was said to have tasted a drink before serving it. Was there not another instance after Tarl had been drugged and fallen into slavery, eventually becomming free again that

"*simply* she seeks information regarding the pieces and moves made during a kaaisa game. a girl thanks Him for His time."

"I am looking for a book quote on the giani.It has been listed as a small tiny cat-like panther but I can not find a book page with the quote. Thank you."

"Im looking for quotes with the word "Wolf" or "Wolves" which would be weird in Gor but I already saw one tho I cant find it again. Anny help is appreciated. Thank you I wish you well"

"i am looking for any quote pertaining to a black caste taking a FC.. supporting it preferrably"

"who's duty is it to feed and care for tarns. a Free, such as a Free from the caste of tarnkeepers or a female/male slave?"

"Is there a specific quote in the "Nomads of Gor" that deals with the Tuchuks as Warriors and of honor? I have one dealing with nomadic warriors, but was interested as if I have missed something?"

"I have twice read in articles about Panthers that a Panther's strength is twice that of a man. Is there a quote supporting that? If not are there any quotes describing the strength of Panthers compared to that of men?"

"I would like to know if there is a specific quote from the books that says that when kalana is served in a silver vessel it is poison."

"I am now looking for any references as to a Master and Mistress who are joined in FC sharing one chamber, or having separate chambers in which to sleep (regardless of which is used and which may be kept empty lol). Also, once a Master has a FC, does His

"I am looking for a quote on what type of vessels used in Camps. For example, were bottles used as botas are said to be for travel only?"

"i am looking for a quote that says something about one who can pull back a long bow (or some weapon) can not be a slave."

"I am looking for reference as to slaves not being allowed to say "Tal" to Free or slaves in greeting, and the same for the phrase "Be well" or "I wish you well" Thanks awfully..."

"is there any refcerence to tomatoes having been brought and grown on Gor"

"how many different types of vessels can blackwine be served within?"

"in one of the books is a paragraph, where a slave was given to a man. She had been his intended FC, and was captured on route and enslaved. The part I am looking for is when she was given to him as a slave he told her he had snuck in and watched in a bat

"i am looking for any quotes pertaining to the unwilling rape of a slave.. it is done i know and there is a major discussion on this with some saying it was never mentioned in the books"

"girl has been challenged to identify precisely what type of fruit the ka-la-na is. she has been told by some Free that it is a berry, a grape-type of fruit, and a bean; yet she can not find a precise reference in the books."

"I am looking for the quote regarding slave children being raised as free until they become a certian age."

"are the names of the moons mentioned in the scrolls and if so what are they. If they are not...would the Master still know what are the on-line names."

"What are the codes of the caste of the Assasins ? I cannot find them listed anywhere."

"is looking for a quote where a slave calls a Panther girl Mistress. she knows it happens in Captive of Gor, and perhaps again in Hunters, but not as sure on that one. she thanks you."

"is there a passage in the book that states a Man cannot collar His FreeCompanion nor hire someone to do so?"

"There us a riddle pertaining to honor...what is more (something)than gold..etc....honor ...ahh...a Warrior, he says... (or something similar..grins) Thankyou"

"Looking for the phrases en'la and se'la in a quote"

"I'm seeking the quote which states the ratio of Free Women to slaves on Gor."

"Are female slaves permitted to spar/fight in an arena (stadium of blades) ? I need quotes regarding who may be a combatant in a Stadium of Blades, specifically if female slaves can fight in an arena."

"Dina brand was common in the south. Would like description of dina brand if possible."

"looking for a quote containing the kajira plea"

"I am looking for a specific quote...Masters can not be anything but Masters. Slaves can not be anything but slaves. It is what we are.....or something close."

"a discussion on a quote was brought up, and couldnt be found. can you search for this quote, and let me know if it exists..... thank you for your time. "Sometimes, at as little as a meeting of eyes, masters and slaves know one another. 'I must have her.

"i would like to know, please, the description of what a goblet looks like. Thank You!"

"I was told that FW were not allowed to crack a whip. I recall a few passages where a FW did. I mentioned this and was told, certainly not in the pressence of Men... Is this true?"

"slave wine ...what is it? how often does it need to be taken...antidote to slave wine...."

"If a warrior leaves a homestone, is he still a warrior? Or has he broken his word. And is he there fore, denounced by his caste? cast out from them if you'll forgive the pun."

"I need at least one quote if not more from the books that talks about a FW Slaver...I also know there is a quote about 2 FWs hunting and one is hunting a slave I believe a thrall in fact..."

"was hopeing could help get quots showing Master did whip slaves for for more then what stated and also earth slaves where whipped to be taught what they needed to know"

"I am looking for quotes pertaining to the Wagon People of Gor, especially the Kataii...what I am looking for is how they treated strangers and new slaves"

"I am looking for some quotes pertaining to the treatment of barbarian slaves and how they were trained. were they whip before learning the Gorean language?"

"she was wondering about any quoute that includes submission dance becuase she can not find one that specifies it as the submisson dance and the seduction dance has yet to find one saying yes this si the submiion or sedction dance"

"which slave carries the sugar for the black wine the first or second slave? if non sugared black wine is second slave.. then why do you even need the second slave...the first would pour the coffee..."

"The quote is "A master is not a boyfriend." and believe its said by Tarl, but cant find the dang thing. HELP!"

"what color is kalana wine? has always heard it is red..but some say there is white this true?"

"In the books do Assasins ever have a Home stone and can You find the quote when Pa~Kur talks about taking over Ar with a band of Mercs?"

"I need quotes that describe [Norman's view of] the nature of man as the master and woman as the slave. I believe he described this in terms of genetics and evolution."

"Please name the book and page where the quote can be found regarding it is illegal to collar a woman of one's own homestone."

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