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The Gorean Index

These reference materials are Studies in the Chronicles of Counter-Earth. It is an Insight on the Gorean Saga of John Norman. An index of the books of Gor, or in other words, a Gorean index.

Well, ok not really an index. Actually, it is a semblance of an index. A true index would list every occurrence of each key word with every associated page number.

To index every occurrence of "Tarl" and "tarn" and "paga" and every other key word would produce a document too unwieldy to navigate. Afterall, as of this writing, the source material is 35 books and more than 5,750,000 words. (for reference, The King James Authorized Bible has 783,137 words) So, instead, my "Index" is typically the first time a key word is mentioned. And again, as of this writing, there are already over 7,600 entries.

And it is not "complete" (nor will it ever be). I didn't use some automated computer program to index all the books. I read the entire series, yet again, sentence by sentence, and picked out people, places and things plus actions, adjectives and just random stuff which struck me as being important.

I did not replicate what I already have throughout ~The Gorean Cave~. So you won't find here every reference (or perhaps any reference) to topics already researched.

However it is now possible to search things, like cities, places, names, gender, status and so on.

For each topic there is only a brief description or just a book and page number. It is up to you to go read the context.

Did I miss that one thing you are looking for? Did I leave out the reference you need? Maybe. And if so, let me know and I'll add it.

FOREWORD - John Norman's message for mankind, contained in the Chronicles of Counter-Earth, is meant to be understood. Unfortunately, such understanding is notably rare today. The faith of many has been weakened by the pressures of most websites whose author provides only their thoughts with no basis. Nevertheless, a steadily increasing number of persons now feel a definite and urgent need for gaining a clear understanding of the Gorean series. They want knowledge that is solid and reliable, facts on which to base their convictions that what they read is the truth.

As a help, this publication Aid to Gorean Understanding has been prepared. The account of Gor is made up of many features. People of many races and nations: what they said and did, their customs, emotions and their right or wrong decisions; places: including lands, cities and villages, mountains, rivers and torrent valleys, with their native trees and plants, birds and animals; notable events: the rise and fall of cities and empires, political conspiracies and oppressions, major battles; and the record of Priest-Kings' dealings with men.

All the books in the series were consulted, and these are cited in the various references. In this way the best scholarship, including the results of the most recent research, could be brought to bear on each subject.

BASIS FOR MATERIAL - The principal authority on which all the references are based are the Chronicles of Counter-Earth itself. It is in this respect that this work differs from other publications of a similar kind.

The Avengers
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