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A long time ago, back when there were only 25 books, I used to offer a service where you could send me a quote request and I would then search through the whole series and reply with an answer.

It was meant to be for those cases where you remember, somewhere in the books, where it says something, and want to know the book and page quote.
I would then search for the words, find the book reference and reply with the answer.

However people began to abuse the service with questions like, "what do slaves eat?"
And I became frustrated. And I stopped doing searches for everyone.

I have rethought my position and realize it is not fair to punish everyone just because a few people are too stupid to follow the rules.

So now, years later, I am going to open up the Quote Search service again.

Quote Search Rules:

1. Your question must be based upon key words or a key phrase I can search for to find the answer.
Good Question: Where does it talk about the barrier around the Sardar Mountains?
Good Question: Where does it say Priest-Kings are immortal?
Bad Question: What do slaves eat?

2. I will not search for "all occurrences" of . . . anything.
So don't ask for something like: Tell me all the times suls are mentioned

3. I reserve the right to not answer a question due to any reason whatsoever (you are abusive, profane, rude, ask a stupid question or just because I'm in a bad mood)

4. I will exactly quote the questions I answer. Therefore I will not be responsible for the accuracy, spelling, grammar, punctuation or information of the requestor.

5. I will remove any email or other personal information before answering unless you include your name with your question.

6. Allow a few days for your answer. Check back here and click the Completed Search Requests link in the top right corner or here: [Completed Search Requests]

7. If you would like to know for sure when I complete your request, include your email address in the optional section below.

I wish you well,

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