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Trade Advisor

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"My master," she said, "Decius Albus, of Ar, Trade Advisor to the Ubar, welcomes Lord Grendel to the city. He regrets only that he was not earlier informed of his presence. Master Decius understands that Lord Grendel stands high in the estimation of a Lord Arcesilaus, magistrate of a remote city, and hopes that his presence here might lead to arrangements of mutual profit. With this end in view, Master Decius invites the presence of Lord Grendel, or his agent, to a meeting at the tenth Ahn tomorrow in his home, the House of a Hundred Corridors."

"And how, slave, do you understand this?" inquired Kurik.

"I am only a slave," she said.

"Speak," he said.

"I speculate," she said, "given the office of my master, that of trade advisor to the Ubar, that he is interested in the possibility of establishing trade relations between Ar and the city of the Lord Arcesilaus."

"What city is that?" asked Kurik.

"I do not know," she said. "We are told little. We are slaves."

"Perhaps your master is interested in an exchange of valuables," said Kurik.

"One supposes so, Master," she said.

"Tell your master he will be attended upon at the tenth Ahn tomorrow," said Kurik.
Plunder of Gor     Book 34     Page 426

"Ho!" cried Decius Albus, jovially, lifting his hand, and separating himself from the group about Kurik. "We have welcomed noble Grendel, of far Mytilene. We have introduced him to colleagues and compatriots, to representatives of diverse castes, herein publicizing his presence and the nature of his charge. His appearance here, as his purpose, is now well accounted for, as the lists will show. An official invitation was authorized and issued; it has been acknowledged, and, obviously, accepted. The records will show this. Now, dear colleagues, and friends, it is time for the subtler aspects of our meeting to begin, in which we must attempt
to establish how fair Mytilene and glorious Ar may prove to be mutually beneficial to one another, Clearly the nature of these discussions, as you all recognize, must, for the present, remain confidential. Accordingly, I wish you all well, and thank you for your attendance."

"The matter," asked a fellow, in the white and gold, "should be mentioned to the Ubar?"

"Of course," said Decius Albus. "We have no secrets from great Marlenus, our beloved Ubar. Naturally he will be kept informed of all proposed arrangements in a suitably prepared memorandum, long before we consider drafting a formal document, one to be submitted for his review, signature, and seal."
Plunder of Gor     Book 34     Page 436

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