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Supporting References

The brand was on Gor legal, institutional status; that which it marks it makes an object; its victim has no rights, or appeal, within the law.
Slave Girl of Gor     Book 11     Page 60

A strict weapons control had been instituted in Torcadino. Possession of an unauthorized weapon could be construed as a capital offense, the penalty for which, at the discretion of any soldier, could be exacted in place, instantly and without recourse or appeal.
Mercenaries of Gor     Book 21     Page 130

In a few moments we were out on the streets. Even though such sights were not rare in Ar, in the past months, a free woman, leashed, in the custody of guardsmen or auxiliaries, presumably having been appropriated for levies, or perhaps merely having been subjected to irrevocable, unappealable seizure at an officer's whim, yet men turned to regard her as we passed.
Magicians of Gor     Book 25     Page 196

"He is the pit master," she whispered. "All here who are slave are as though his. In the pits his word is law for us. He is to be obeyed with perfection in all things, instantly, unquestioningly, with no appeal. He is here, in this place, as master."
Witness of Gor     Book 26     Page 262

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