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"Take pity on a slave, Master," she said.
Beasts of Gor     Book 12     Page 80

Throughout the books slaves are shown to beg for mercy, forgiveness and pity. In looking through all the references I see no difference in the situations where one word could not have been used in place of another. What I mean is, there is not a particular occasion where forgiveness is always begged and a different situation where mercy is always begged.

This is how the dictionary defines these words:
To excuse for a fault or an offense; pardon.
To renounce anger or resentment against.
To absolve from payment.
Synonyms of forgive are: pardon, excuse and condone.
These verbs mean to refrain from imposing punishment on an offender or demanding satisfaction for an offense. The first three can be used as conventional ways of offering apology. More strictly, to forgive is to grant pardon without harboring resentment.

Compassionate treatment, especially of those under one's power; clemency.
A disposition to be kind and forgiving.
Alleviation of distress; relief.
Leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice.
A disposition to be kind and forgiving.

Sympathy and sorrow aroused by the misfortune or suffering of another.
Signifying kindly concern aroused by the misfortune, affliction, or suffering of another.
Pity often implies a feeling of sorrow that inclines one to help or to show mercy.
What is interesting is that each definition uses at least one of the other words in helping to gain a better understanding of its meaning.

Here are a couple more quotes to help emphasize this:
I sensed the man standing behind me, on a ramp. "I was bitten," I said. "I was bitten!" I twisted on the wood, trying to see him. "Have mercy, Master!" I said. "I was bitten!"
"It was not the time permitted for screaming," he said.
"Yes, Master," I said. "Forgive me," I begged, "Master."
Slave Girl of Gor     Book 11     Page 318

I feared I was to be cut to pieces. He struggled, it seemed, to control himself. 'Forgive me, Master!' I wept. I crawled to him, my head down. 'Forgive me, Master!' I wept. I kissed his feet, fervently. He pulled away, in anger. He moved to the side. He kicked me twice, in fury. I returned to him on my belly, and showered my hair upon his sandals, and then again kissed his feet, again and again. 'Forgive me, Master!' I wept, an errant slave, one who had done wrong, pleading for mercy and forgiveness.
Magicians of Gor     Book 25     Page 312
To sum this up, aside from subtle differences, it does not matter which word a slave uses to beg a Free Person not to punish that one.

There are literally hundreds of instances where slaves begged for mercy or forgiveness or pity. I have referenced some on these pages.

I make no pronouncements on these matters, but report them as I find them.
Arrive at your own conclusions.

I wish you well,

Supporting References

"Have pity," she said, "if not on Vika of Treve - on a poor girl who is only your slave."
Priest-Kings of Gor     Book 3     Page 200

I knelt before Verna. I extended my hands to her. "Have pity on me, Mistress," I wept.
Captive of Gor     Book 7     Page 341

"Have pity, Mistress!" wept the caught slave girl, her head to her mistress' sandals.
Slave Girl of Gor     Book 11     Page 115

"Take pity on a slave, Master," she said.
Beasts of Gor     Book 12     Page 80

"The ring, the papers!" said the girl in the black slacks.
"I was captured," wept the girl. "I was put on another ship. I was chained in a dark hold, with other women, naked. I do not know what happened to anything. Have pity on a slave!"
Explorers of Gor     Book 13     Page 147

Then I was drawn to the very edge of the pool. I looked back wildly over my shoulder, sobbing. 'Please, Master!' I wept. 'Have mercy on me, Master Mercy, Master, mercy! Take pity on a worthless slave!'
Explorers of Gor     Book 13     Page 326

"I did not mean to displease my Gorean master," she said. "I did not think. Take pity on me. I am only a slave."
Rouge of Gor     Book 15     Page 222

"Sell us, beloved Master!" begged Ginger. "Please, Master," begged Evelyn, "we are only poor slaves. Take pity on us! Sell us to another!"
Savages of Gor     Book 17     Page 139

"I have been put with the Waniyanpi," she said. "It was my punishment. But I am not one of them. Take pity on me. Have mercy on me. I am not truly a Waniyanpi female. I am a woman. I have the feelings of a woman. I want the sensations of a woman. I need the sensations of a woman. Have mercy on me, Master!"
Blood Brothers of Gor     Book 18     Page 166

"Have pity on me, Masters," she wept. "I am only a helpless, braceleted slave!"
Kajira of Gor     Book 19     Page 204

"No!" cried Tupita. "No!" She flung herself to her knees before the leader, and the others. "No, please, Masters!" she cried. "Take pity on me!"
Dancer of Gor     Book 22     Page 276

"Spare me!" she suddenly begged. "Spare me, noble Cosians!" She clasped her hands together piteously, holding them forth toward Calliodorus and Aemilianus. "Spare me!" she wept. "Take pity on a female!"
Renegades of Gor     Book 23     Page 363

"I was taken in the levies," she said.
"You have earned yourself discipline," I said.
"Please, no!" she cried. "Have pity on me! I am only a poor slave!"
"Do you think it is permissible for you to lie to a free man?" I asked.
"No, Master!" she said. She put down her head, her head in her hands, and sobbed.
Magicians of Gor     Book 25     Page 303

"I am now half naked and in a collar!" she sobbed. "I am at your mercy. Take pity on me!"
"You wish to placate masters?" I asked.
"If I have displeased them, yes!" she said.
Magicians of Gor     Book 25     Page 326

"Please, sirs!" cried the woman. "Take pity on me!"
"I will take pity on you with a whip!" called a fellow.
Prize of Gor     Book 27     Page 479

"Take pity on a slave," she begged. How helpless was the slave so suddenly in the grip of her need!
Prize of Gor     Book 27     Page 706

"What?" he asked.
"Nothing," she said. "Nothing!" She seemed piteous, shaken, open, emotionally revealed.
Cabot steeled himself against pity.
Cabot recognized the moment as important to her, a door opened, a barrier crossed, a secret confessed.
Kur of Gor     Book 28     Page 284

"But, why, Master?" she asked.
"Because you are no longer a free woman," I said.
"Because you are now a slave."
"I do not understand," she whispered.
"Because you are now a thousand times more female than before," I said.
"Master?" she said.
"Because you are now a slave," I said.
"Have pity on me!" she wept.
Swordsmen of Gor     Book 29     Page 267

The slave put down her head, shuddering, weeping.
"Have pity on her!" I said to Desmond of Harfax.
Conspirators of Gor     Book 31   Page 439

"Dear sister!" I called. "I am such as you, a woman, but, hapless, have fallen upon hard times, Behold, I am afflicted by a most grievous plight! I find myself in the throes of misery and helplessness. See how I am! See what has been done to me! I would be free. Free me! Have pity!
Plunder of Gor     Book 34     Page 110

"Master!" I called upward. "I am hungry. I am cold. I am miserable! Be kind! Have pity on a poor slave!"
Treasure of Gor     Book 38     Page 51


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