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It is thought that the word "Mate" is used in context instead of Companion. we are arguing about it. And one of the Northern men seems to think that FW Mate / Partner a FM, instead of Companionship. I want any quote that shows that a FW may Mate a FM instead of Companionship. To my mind and the definition in the books, Mate was used between Slaves, where Free Mated Slaves to produce MORE slaves, a Man might Mate a woman to beget a child.


You’re trying to pick fly shit out of black pepper and you’re getting all wrapped up in semantics.
Among the ‘’Cylinder Cites”, those who adhere to Merchant Law, there is only the Free Companionship. You can call it by whatever name you wish.
Other cultures like the Red Savages, the Red Hunters and those who live in Torvaldsland refer to the same relationship differently.
And I'm not going to weigh in on whether the word Mate should be a verb or a noun.

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