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Caste of Jewelers

Here are relevant references from the Books where the Caste of Jewelers is mentioned.
While not specifically titled a Caste, this group is mentioned along with others that are.
It is not meant to be anything other than the facts of the matter.
Arrive at your own conclusions.

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Supporting References

Tor was, as Gorean cities went, a rich, trading city. It was headquarters for thousands of caravan merchants. In it, too, were housed many craftsmen, practicing their industries, carvers, varnishers, table makers, gem cutters, jewelers, carders, dyers of cloth, weavers of rugs, tanners, makers of slippers, toolers of leather, potters, glaziers, makers of cups and kettles, weapon smiths, and many others.
Tribesmen of Gor     Book 10     Page 39

The jeweler who had duplicated the ring for Shaba had failed slightly in that particular. There was a slight difference in the depth of the scratches, and one small difference in the angulation.
"This resembles the true ring closely," I told Msaliti. "It is large, and of gold, and, in its bezel, has a rectangular silver plate. On the back of the ring, when you turn it, there is a circular, depressible switch."
"Yes, yes," said Msaliti.
"But look here," I said. "See this scratch?"
"Yes," he said.
"The true ring, according to my information, possesses no such identifying marks," I said. "It is supposedly perfect in its appearance. Had it been thusly marred I would have been informed of this. Such a sign would make identification simple."
Explorers of Gor     Book 13     Page 214

"Because of my rumored beauty," said she, "there was no dearth of ardent fellows who would compete to be my swain. Many gifts I had from them. And I gave nothing! One lesser known begged me to attend a rendezvous in a jeweler's shop, one which had put recently opened its doors in the city, that I might there pick for myself the finest of a dozen ruby necklaces, which he would then purchase for me.
Witness of Gor     Book 26     Pages 246 - 247

"Do you recognize the necklace?" asked the praetor's officer.
"It seems to be that which I selected in the shop of the jeweler in Besnit, before my abduction," she said.
"It is," he said.
"Yes, your honor," she said.
"And was it not to obtain such a thing that you went to the jeweler's shop?"
"It was, your honor," she said.
Witness of Gor     Book 26     Page 509

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