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Caste of Geographers

Here are relevant references from the Books where the Caste of Geographers is mentioned.
While this group is not specifically titled a Caste, I include it here for reference.
It is not meant to be anything other than the facts of the matter.
Arrive at your own conclusions.

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Supporting References

"The expedition of Shaba returned then," I said, "to Lake Ngao, completed its circumnavigation and returned later, via the swamps, to Lake Ushindi and the six Ubarates."
"Yes," said Samos.
"A most remarkable man," I said.
"Surely one of the foremost geographers and explorers of Gor," said Samos. "And a highly trusted man."
Explorers of Gor     Book 13     Page 19

On the equator, itself, interestingly, geographers maintain that there are two dry seasons and two rainy seasons. Once again, if there is much to this, I would prefer to think of two rainy seasons and two less rainy seasons.
Explorers of Gor     Book 13     Page 116

Geographers and cartographers, of course, are members of the Scribes.
Explorers of Gor     Book 13     Page 213

"Surely Shaba will have others of his caste with him, geographers of the scribes," I said.
Explorers of Gor     Book 13     Page 237

The men with him, I suspected, or most of them, were members of his own caste, geographers of the scribes, perhaps, but men inured to hardships, perhaps men who had been with him in his explorations of Ushindi and Ngao, men he trusted and upon whom he could count in desperate situations, caste brothers.
Explorers of Gor     Book 13     Page 251

"There is a map case there," he said, "and my notebooks. I have, in my journey, charted the Ua, and in the notebooks I have recorded my observations. Those things, though you, of the warriors, may not understand this, are priceless."
"Your records would doubtless be of value to geographers," I said.
"They are," said Shaba, "of inestimable value to all civilized men."
Explorers of Gor     Book 13     Page 433

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