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Clan of Torturers

Here are relevant references from the Books where the Clan of Torturers is mentioned.
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Supporting References

The Wagon Peoples, of all those on Gor that I know, are the only ones that have a clan of torturers, trained as carefully as scribes or physicians, in the arts of detaining life.
Nomads of Gor     Book 4     Page 9

When I speak of Year Keepers and Singers it must be understood that these are not, for the Wagon Peoples, castes, but more like roles, subsidiary to their main functions, which are those of the war, herding and the hunt. They do have, however, certain clans, not castes, which specialize in certain matters, for example, the clan of healers, leather workers, salt hunters, and so on. I have already mentioned the clan of torturers. The members of these clans, however, like the Year Keepers and Singers, are all expected, first and foremost, to be, as it is said, of the wagons namely to follow, tend and protect the bosk, to be superb in the saddle, and to be skilled with the weapons of both the hunt and war.
Nomads of Gor     Book 4     Page 12

That night, one of the hooded members of the Clan of Tortures would have come to her wagon and fetched her away, never to be seen again. She would run well, hating Elizabeth or not. She would be running for her life.
Nomads of Gor     Book 4     Page 69

Kamchak's laugh was cut short when she sank her fine white teeth into his hand with a savage bite.
. . .
"For what you have done," he said, "it is common to call for one of the Clan of Torturers."
Nomads of Gor     Book 4     Pages 141 - 142

I noted, following me, as I had more than once, a masked figure, one wearing the hood of the Clan of Torturers.
Nomads of Gor     Book 4     Page 147

Aphris, for her part, though the quivas were still available, seemed, shortly after having begun to sleep at Kamchak's boots, for some reason to have thought the better of burying one in his heart. It would not have been wise, of course, for even were she successful, her consequent hideous death at the hands of the Clan of Torturers would probably, all things considered, have made her act something of a bad bargain.
Nomads of Gor     Book 4     Page 155

His head was covered by a hood such as is worn by members of the Clan of Torturers.
Nomads of Gor     Book 4     Page 194

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