Fifth Month
Passage Hand
Year 10,174 Contasta Ar

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Can there please be a section dedicated specifically to each of the 5 high castes, I understand that covering every caste is not feasible, but I am finding it difficult to narrow searches to any specific caste at all beyond builders. More precise information on the physicians would be especially helpful.
Posted on  2024 Jul 23    

*giggle fits finding this treat below* Thank you for the good laugh. Trying to brush up having forgot a lot. I bet you are truly a fun person.

Tanto	To The Index

Named after the Native American sidekick of the Lone Ranger . . . just wanted to see if you were paying attention no, the tanto is a stabbing dagger[61] intended for close work.[62]
Posted on  2024 Jul 09    

 Hi, as a young reader of the Gorean Saga, (I was 16 on first read.) I wonder what impact it had on me and my personal beliefs. (I am interested to see how I feel about it on the reread.)

I'll let you know.

Thanks for this,

Posted on  2024 Feb 06    

 You have done  tremendous and worthy analysis of the Gorean Saga. I commend you on your dedication. Regarding John Norman, it's a pity that after book 12, he has concentrated more on women subjucation than on plot nd story. 
Posted on  2023 Oct 21    

was idly looking through the pages and found the 'master fogaban' page. i agree that 'master ubar' wouldn't make sense, since, marlenus is frequently referred to as the "ubar of ubars", not "master ubar". 

but i'd like to make the argument against "master builder" not making sense. in a city there can only be one ubar (ignoring port kar), but there can be many builders. i believe "master" here would no longer be a title but rather a ranking.

additionally, in tarnsman of gor pa-kur is referred to as the master assassin of ar, so i see no problem with the phrase "master builder". just my thoughts. -cosmo
Posted on  2023 Apr 17    

 Tal Fogaban

I would like to see the Tuchuk / Wagon People section to be fleshed out a bit more. It could use a bit of love.
Posted on  2023 Mar 31    

 It would be perhaps helpful to list communities of gorean philosophy and practice on the web where interaction is possible in real time (such as chat {irc used to be a thriving area of such) as opposed to merely bbs.  For example there are gaming communities (back in the day AOL had a couple) like or some open source servers variously...
Posted on  2022 Jul 13    

 Thank you for your quick response to my question regarding the quotes in the first book. It helps me to understand more. This is a wonderful site and I enjoy browsing through it often as I listen to the books.
Posted on  2022 Mar 08    

Tal, Fogaban. 

Thank You for the work here. I have had kajira comment to Me how much Your site has benefited them, and Your material also gives Me much to think upon. 

A beautiful, constructive effort, worthy of a true Builder.

With Respect,

Posted on  2022 Feb 26    

 this site is awesome. Thank you for keeping it up and current. I use it often for reference. It is not an easy task and I greatly appreciate the time you spend on this site. thank you!  
Posted on  2021 Oct 27    

Dear Master,

sittin did not realize that You were still keeping this site up to date until today.. *s*.. she is most grateful for Your hard work and dedication in providing knowledge and Your thoughts openly... 

sittin truly thanks You! *warm smiles*

forever in service,

sittinpretty....slave of the Shores.. 
Posted on  2021 Jan 22    

 Thank you for all your work! If I could pay you it wouldn't be enough to pay for your wonderful research!

Posted on  2021 Jan 05    

 Thank you for your dedication and hard work to maintain such a wonderful page. The references have helped this girl's journey tremendously.
Posted on  2020 Dec 19    

 Thank you for this site. 
Posted on  2020 Dec 18    

I am so glad that you have constructed and maintained this site. It has been a valuable reference for myself during my online Gorean life. I have given the link to others to use as well. Thank you for all of your hard work. It is greatly appreciated. 
Posted on  2020 Nov 28    

You have put in a lot of hard work!
Well done!
...yes THAT Rapture 
Posted on  2020 Aug 24    

 Hello Fog, 
I am so pleased to find that you're still around and keeping this site active. You're a treasure. :)

Although it's been years, I always carry you fondly in my heart. 

Wish you well, old friend, 


Posted on  2020 Aug 19    

 ~wiggles and waves~
Posted on  2020 Aug 08    

 I've just read "An Alternate Concept of Slave Positions" and found it most interesting.  I would like to contribute the idea of development of positions isn't different than probably how military drill and ceremonies has developed.  For instance, the command of "Attention" is shouted out to a formation or individual to alert them (him) that some orders or information is about to be delivered.  Over time, it developed to a standard form of a position.  Just as positions may differ from city to city, military positions may slightly differ from country to country.  But the intent of a command is to have the formation conform to a particular order.  Back to "Attention":  This command isn't stand, heels together, feet 45 degrees apart, legs straight, back straight, chest out, arms... etc.  It can be given while walking or running.  It's taught a certain way so that individuals do everything the same way in order to have conformity.  "Attention" is a formal "conform and listen up".  "Position of attention" is given to a formation or individual if they are in a standardized "position" to bring them to a formal position of standing.  I would suggest that, similar to military D&C, this concept of Gorean command of intent as presented by Mike the Minotaur has evolved into a more or less formalized slave positions as we practice them. I'm not taking away from the excellent concept article, I hope I'm adding to it!
ps. @Fogaban - I didn't know how to directly respond to the article.  I hope you don't mind I did it here.  My apologies if I placed it here inappropriately.
Posted on  2020 Jul 23    

 I love your website, I noticed that you do not reference any Roles of Northern  Gor such as High Jarls , Jarls, or any roles  of the North, Northern Gor is very important in the books. or reference to other gorean cultures, that completes the books. 
Posted on  2020 Jun 15    

 Honest stranger, i am a veiled one from the smaragd caste of physicians. I am asking for your permission to make some advertisement in my gorean group on facebook, for your splendid done website. To make sure that we do not misunderstand, i will not use gorean terms...
Greetings from Europe 
Lady Anna Taliesin (Healer on Earth to)
Posted on  2020 May 07    

 Urt	To The Top

The most interesting precaution, at least to me, was the provision of nesting sites on the almost vertical slopes for the Uru, which is a small, winged, vartlike mammal. This mammal, which usually preys on insects and small urts, like several species of birds, is communally territorial. When disturbed, it shrieks its warning and it is soon joined by a clamoring swarm of its fellows. In this way, a natural alarm system is obtained. Moreover, if a nesting site is closely approached, the Uru is likely to attack the intruder. It is a small mammal, but, shrieking and flying at the face of a climber, one precariously clinging to an almost vertical surface, it is, I am told, at least in such a situation, something most unpleasant to encounter.
Mariners of Gor     Book 30     Page 384

Describing an Uru not an Urt.
Posted on  2020 May 07    

 a girl just wishes to take the time to say thank You for making this site. she wishes You well. ~ jozi 
Posted on  2020 Mar 16    

 We very much enjoyed your site and its resources.  We live a 24/7 Gorean-enriched lifestyle, and your providing Gorean information in this form has been very instructive.  
Posted on  2020 Mar 05    

 Hello.  I wanted to thank you for having these pages.  I am new to Gor and reading the books now.  I have learned a lot from your categories and definitions, and wanted you to know your work is appreciated.  Thank you. 
Posted on  2020 Feb 19    

 I wish you well Fog.

Posted on  2020 Jan 22    

I have used this site for years now to help in the training of slaves in the House of Runo Slave House or HoR, on Second Life, and even farther back in text chat venues.  Thank you so much for all you have done here, Master Builder.  I had to laugh out loud when reading your words about serving.  Thank you for so blatantly saying all you do, especially about the fabled sweetened serve!  Who wants to drink from any vessel that has been rubbed by a crotch? Ew! 
Posted on  2019 Oct 22    

What a great find for an Earth girl in Second Life like me who is trying to learn about Gor and enter into the world of SL Gor. Thank you so much for all the work you have put into this! I wish you all well. Glenda
Posted on  2019 Oct 09    

Your work is worthy of such glowing praise, I scarcely have the words to thank you. I have referred to your site for many years and hope to be able to for many years to come. I wish you most well. 
Posted on  2019 Jun 14    

 great site ,thanks for the heads up ,need to get more Goreans into eso ,we could have a blast
Posted on  2019 May 11    

 I want to thank you for your well researched, and effort spent on this. I give your link to everyone! -- Owned for 13 years. Thank you for the effort you do, and time you spend on keeping your site up to date for everyone! It's incredibly valuable. It's so hard to find non-RP resources to tell people "no, this is NOT in the books."
Posted on  2019 Jan 28    

 Absolulty Fantastic. Why have I not seen your masterpiece before? Great work. 
Posted on  2018 Aug 02    

Good to know Fogaban, thanks for answering me, and thank you for all your work on this calendar, site and all you have done for those of us role playing in the World of Gor.
Posted on  2018 Mar 07    

I have been having trouble with my site host and the reliability of the databases. I am in the process of moving everything to a new host. Once back up and running I will revisit the code which should not change the year number on Jan 1st.
Posted on  2018 Mar 07    

Just wondering why you changed the years on Jan. 1st, when technically the new year for the majority of Gor is not for 3 more weeks, and in Turia 4 more months. It confuses people who think for example it is already year 49 in PK, it is not, technically until March 20th it is still year 48, but you changed all the years right on Jan, 1st. How come? Why not wait and change them on March 20th when the New Year actually is?
Posted on  2018 Mar 05    

hey, i logged on to check the calendar and i see its not available in the corner, is it down for maintenance?
or do i need to change the setting on my browser to see it again

kind regards
Posted on  2018 Feb 23    

A previous post translates like this:

"Greetings to those responsible for The Gorean Cave ... Congratulations for the initiative and dedication, I always use the site for my research and study, I'm happy for the updates, thank you for all the time you dedicate to helping us. I wish you well!"

Thank you Neia,
I am honored that The Gorean Cave is enjoyed around the world.
It is more that I ever hoped for.
I wish you well,
Posted on  2018 Jan 10    

Tal Fogaban, I noticed that there was something missing from your Armor page that I took notice of in Assassin of Gor some years ago. While indeed there is no hardened armor besides shields and helmets in the novels, there is something unique in the 5th novel that is worn by Murmillius (Marlenus) that supports the real-world armored sleeve of the Roman murmillo gladiator:

Supporting quotes as followed:

Murmillius, at least until he himself should lie red in the white sand, held the adherents of the games in Ar, and perhaps the city itself, in the gauntleted palm of his right hand, his sword hand. - Chapter 15; Portus Comes to the House of Cernus

I spun and saw, standing beside me, on my right, sword drawn, in the heavy helmet of the arena fighter, with the small round shield, the sheathed right arm and shoulder, Murmillius. - Chapter 21; The Stadium of Blades
Posted on  2017 Oct 23    

Tal Fogoban,

I am impressed by the prompt and detailed reply. Thanks!

I know page numbers vary with edition, but I thought by the time we reached Blood Brothers there was just one edition. I guess I am wrong.

Because of the problem with page numbers, I always give the chapter number too. That is much more useful than giving the number of the book, since anbody with a real interest can easily see that Blood Brothers is book 18 And yes I do own the book and yes I have read it. all of it.

My question about "friends" was meant to ask WHERE the quote, as given, could be found. Your full version shows that, thanks.

You have given me a lot of your time already, I don't want to be tedious. But the point is that using an ellipsis to cut out parts that put an important qualification on the preceding words is not good practice. The very lengthy quotation you gave in your reply could certainly be much shortened, but without cutting anything that would distort the full sense of the passage.
Posted on  2017 Aug 31    

To do justice to the comment by Zembel, I am copying it to the "Quote Request" section.
So, please go here to read my reply.
 Click Here

Posted on  2017 Aug 31    

Tal Fogaban,
You have one quote that is distorted and partly falsified. I don't know how this happened; I am impressed by the overall integrity of your work. Here is the falsified quote:

"May I surmise from this," she asked, "as I know little of slavery, and am new to the condition, that there can be tenderness and kindness for a slave?"
"There can be tenderness and kindness for a slave," I said.
. . .
"Can masters and slaves be friends?" she asked.
"Yes," I said.
. . .
"Do masters ever love their slaves?" she asked.
"Often," I said.
Blood Brothers of Gor     Book 18     Pages 101 and 113

Check it, please. 
1. The first ellipsis is used to hide the very important qualification on the tenderness and kindness.
2. I cannot find anything about masters and slaves being "friends" and suspect there nothing in any book that says this.
3. The page numbers are wrong.
Posted on  2017 Aug 31    

I am pleased to see the Exotic Page up Master and even more pleased to of had the honor of meeting and conversing with you.

*hugs* from your biggest fan
Posted on  2017 Jul 18    

I help run a teaching environment that welcomes those new to Gor.  This website is a staple for the resources I use when helping a new person find their way.  I stress it is not a replacement for the reading of the books, but since none of us can remember everything - this is my personal 'go to' website for finding information that I cannot quite remember.  Thank you so much for this valuable resource.
Posted on  2017 May 14    

Greetings DMMWolf,
While Calculus is certainly not an animal in the same way as a tarn or sleen, according to Wikipedia, on the subject of 'Calculus (dental)', "The organic component of calculus is approximately 85% cellular and 15% extracellular matrix.[5] Cell density within dental plaque and calculus is very high, consisting of an estimated 200,000,000 cells per milligram.[6][7] The cells within calculus are primarily bacterial, but also include at least one species of archaea (Methanobrevibacter oralis) and several species of yeast (e.g., Candida albicans). The organic extracellular matrix in calculus consists primarily of proteins and lipids (fatty acids, triglycerides, glycolipids, and phospholipids),[5] as well as extracellular DNA.[6][8] Trace amounts of host, dietary, and environmental microdebris are also found within calculus, including salivary proteins,[9] plant DNA,[10] milk proteins,[11] starch granules,[12] textile fibers,[13] and smoke particles.[14]"
In my effort to be thorough I included the passage from Marauders of Gor, Page 114
Posted on  2017 May 10    

just to let you know, Calculus is not an animal in the passage you quoted. Its a dental plaque found within the Hunjer Whale. Just thought you should know.
Posted on  2017 May 08    

I love your site. I've been using it for a long, long, time. It's such a great learning tool. Thank you.
Posted on  2017 Apr 24    

I appreciate your insight for the quote from Priest-Kings of Gor Page 64.
I have added more context to the quote to better clarify the ointment mentioned as being "an ointment of Priest-Kings" and not of Treve.
Honestly I don't see how anyone could have made that connection in the first place, but I've been surprised by less.
In any event, thank you.
I wish you well,
Posted on  2016 Oct 12    

Greetings, Fogaban.

Firstly, I would like to say that I love your website and find it extremely useful for quick reference  and thank you for taking the time to create such an extensive catalog.

I would like to make a minor suggestion in the Physician category. The quote from Priest-Kings of Gor - Page 64 may suggest to the guest that the physicians of Treve made this ointment, when the sentence proceeding it states the Priest-Kings as the creator.

I say this because some roleplayers use this as a reason to have this medicine on-hand from a voyage to Treve.

Again, thank you for this wonderful lexicon of knowledge.
Posted on  2016 Oct 11    

Greetings Master,3 years ago i came to one of yer broadcasts on second life and i enjoyed it much,and i wanted to thank ye for this website,i have posted the link to this site in the gorean group i have on facebook so more can see yer amazing work and the help ye provide Master
Posted on  2015 Oct 16    

Greetings krista,
The Caste of Sleen Trainers and Sleen Breeders is combinined into one page. Howerver, I agree, there should be a separate heading link for Sleen Trainers, especially since they are one of the few Castes with named colors.
Good girl.
Posted on  2015 Mar 21    

Master i think you missing caste of Sleen Trainers?  "He no longer now wore the brown and black common to professional sleen trainers." --- Beasts of Gor p.g. 78
"The five most common trainings are those of the war sleen, which may also be utilized as a bodyguard; the watch sleen, to guard given precincts; the herding sleen, which will kill only if the quarry refuses to be herded rapidly and efficiently to a given destination, usually a pen or slave cage; the trailing sleen, which is used, in leash, to follow a scent; and the hunter, which is trained to hunt and kill. It is next to impossible to use a hunter as a trailer, because, when the quarry is near, and the killing fever is on it, it will even turn and attack its leash holder, to free itself for the strike on the quarry. A trailer is usually a smaller beast, and one more easily managed, but it is, when all is said and done, a sleen, and trailers not unoften, at the hunt's end, their instincts preponderating, breakloose.. etc etc
Posted on  2015 Mar 20    

Greetings krista,
The Caste of Poets has always been referenced.
It's just that it was included with the Caste of Singers.
However, your post does point out how it would be better if these were separated, at least in the menu.
Consider this your contribution. *smiles and ruffles your hair*
Posted on  2015 Feb 03    

greetings master, i hope you are well ... perhaps the Caste of Poets should be included?...

"I wondered at this for the Caste of Musicians had been, like the Caste of Poets, exiled from Tharna. Theirs, like the Caste of Poets, had been a caste regarded by the sober masks of Tharna as not belonging in a city of serious and dedicated folk, for music, like Paga and song, can set men's hearts aflame and when men's hearts are aflame it is not easy to know where the flame may spread."
Outlaw of Gor

i wish you well master!
Gorean Campus
Posted on  2015 Feb 03    

Greetings Aedonix,
I appreciate your comment which I will say, confused me. I suppose I need to check my own site more often.
The change in formatting was not intentional. We have found the error and corrected it.
Unfortunately for you, this means back to black text on an orange background. I apologize if this makes it more difficult for you.
Posted on  2015 Jan 04    

Formatting in the Q&A section is showing black text on a black background.  Also in most pages, the text header which reads "~The Gorean Cave~" seems to have a large gap between it and the body of the page.
 All in all loving the new look, much easier to read than the old Black on Orange.
Posted on  2015 Jan 03    

I "read" Your web site.  The article about the girl asking "where is Gor?" made me think about the "duel sword" John Norman created for us.  In one sense He has given us a whole other world (almost real) to dream about and in the other sense He has created frustration and sadness for us because that world is only in our minds.  Sad!  
I must say You know our planet Gor.  
I have also fantasied about creating a "Gorean Games gathering" in which we could live our preferred life for a weekend (at-least).  Competitive Master games for the Men in the day and games for the slaves to compete to see who is the "best" slave or something like that.  Maybe a fashion show on Saturday night/

Posted on  2014 Nov 10    

Very nice site!
Posted on  2014 Sep 14    

You produced some decent points there. I looked on the net to the problem and discovered many people goes together with along along with your web site.
Posted on  2014 Sep 13    

I would love to see a section devoted to geography where various quotes were arranged by city or region.
Posted on  2014 Aug 13    

This girl must thank you for all the information and records you have provided. 

Just found a new book. Has anyone else read Jindara - The Golden Ankle. It's a about two young girls growing up in an exotic slave house. It's not true Gor, but it's something quite amazing. I loved it. Strange and wonderful. Thought I'd share.

Keep up the great work ! 
Posted on  2014 Aug 09    

Thank you for your insight and information. I have read many of the books many years ago and now I am having my girlfriend/slavegirl read them also. She loves them and I am formulating a collaring ritual in which she will receive a slave name. I am leaning to Vella or Tarna but haven't made up my mind yet. 
 Do you know of any groups that connect to the Gorean lifestyle?
Keep up the good work. I love the website.
Sagemaster Harry

Posted on  2014 Aug 08    

Scientology is fake because it is based on a series of fictional books - GOR is real and serious despite it being based on a series of fictional books.
Posted on  2014 Jun 14    

I notice in your article on serves, you say this:
There is NO occurrence of the words 'slave's heart' or 'slave heart'.
Example - "she holds the cup to her breast for three beats of a slave's heart."

But actually, in Slave Girl of Gor, we find this: 
“When the torch is lowered,” called a peasant, lifting up a 
torch, lit from the fire, “you will run.” 
“Yes, Master,” we said to him. 
“The torch will then be placed in the earth,” he said. 
“When it is fixed in the soil, you will have two hundred beats 
of a slave girl’s heart.” He pointed to a peasant’s slave, who 
stood nearby.

It's not in the context of serves, but it is used to mark time.  Just thought you'd like to know!
Posted on  2014 Jun 05    

sighs... please can you come talk my Mistress?
Posted on  2014 May 24    

Tal Master... i work on Gorean Campus
is a Gorean Campus teacher - Lady Amari (past FG of Haifa way back when)  is starting put together a kajira basic training program for SL Gor... complete course... I wonder if you be interested in be involved with that ... your expertise would be invaluable?

Master could you come to a meeting, on Gorean Campus, Thursday 22nd at 4:30pm (slt)?  

All concerned wish to make this course the best there is and your input Master would be incredible....  pleaseeeee????  

and please anyone else reading this who would be interested be involved this project please contact me

thank you Master for your time
and consideration of this

(krista1k resident)

Posted on  2014 May 20    

Tal Master .... please note it seems the web site has "canjellne" spelt incorrectly with an extra "i"? 
Posted on  2014 May 15    

i love your sight and use it all the time, it is the most complete Gor info sight i have ever seen. Is there however anyway to search your sight for specific information, it would be super helpful!
Posted on  2014 May 02    

I just wanted to thank You for Your time and effort that went into this website. 
Posted on  2014 Apr 27    

How about a list of spices used on the novels but didnt think to write them would be helpful
Posted on  2014 Apr 05    

You have done  great job on this site. It's one of my favorites.. thanks for all the work you have put into it..   thanks!! 
Posted on  2014 Mar 30    

Tal good brother. 
Posted on  2014 Mar 13    

Is there such thing as Calendula in the gorean series for greens to use.
Posted on  2014 Mar 11    

“I fear,” said Lord Nishida, “we lie beneath the shadow of the iron dragon.”
Gor book 33 chapter 1

There are dragons on gor, they are even mention in book 30. 

Would be nice to see the quotes here . But she knows many goreans dislike the thougjt of dragons on gor
Posted on  2014 Feb 05    


I have been looking for the earth equivalent of a Gorean 5-Strap and have not been able to find anything that remotely simulates the instrument.  I was wondering if you had any leads on where one might be able to purchase one or if you might know who I could contact to have one made.  Thank you.

I wish you well 
Posted on  2013 Dec 02    

The letters "cho" do not appear as a word in the series.
Posted on  2013 Nov 08    

Tal Master, I have a question, in some part of the books the word "cho" appears? Cause I dont know is that is another onlineism. Thank you (sorry about my english).
Posted on  2013 Nov 07    

As it says at the top of this page:
I have provided here a page to post your thoughts. But this is not the place to request a "quote search".
Posted on  2013 Aug 25    

Can poison girls be owned and used by the black caste?
Posted on  2013 Aug 22    

where is any reference on using match's or smoking in Gor
Posted on  2013 Aug 05    

If your purpose is to make me look bad, I will remind everyone of what it says on the main page "Also, at the time these questions were asked and answered, there were only 25 Books available. Therefore you won't find references to Books which have come out since."
Posted on  2013 Jul 29    

in you Q&A section #145 I saw you said there was none, and then I saw this under a different one -"Is the pit master truly human?" I asked.
 "Of course," she said. "He cannot help that he was born as he was."
 I looked down.
 "He is afraid to go to the surface," she said, "in spite of his intelligence, and his great strength, for there even children mock and ridicule him. It is better that he is here."
 Witness of Gor   Book 26   Page 300
Posted on  2013 Jul 29    

If I left this page without making a comment I would feel as though I didn't show my appreciation. So with that being said, Thank you. You have done a tremendous amount of work to compile all this very useful information and I am very thankful you did. I have just started embarking on the discovery of the "Gor Books" and the "lifestyle". It has been a very intriguing journey to date. Your page has been bookmarked on my computer because I revert back to it several times to confirm other information that I receive. Again thank you. You have done an amazing job with this page. I appreciate all the time and effort it has taken you to do it. I hope all is well.
Posted on  2013 May 15    

I read in your Q&A section, and I think the remark itself is an old one, but you advise on how a slave always kneels in nadu if a man is present, despite a free woman being also. 
In some incidences within the novels we see how slaves DID kneel in nadu before FW, but I have seen too many examples where this was not the case. (Women ordering slaves to shut their legs, men doing the same when women were present.) 
Your own references show how a woman's rank is a factor in how a slave must negotiate this etiquette.
"'They are not about now," she said, 'and even if they were, it is I who am Mistress here, not they.' "
Also, with men present:
She knelt in the position of the tower slave, not that of the pleasure slave, as there was a free woman present.
Swordsmen of Gor   Book 29   Page 180
 "She is in the presence of a free woman," said Cabot. "It is thus appropriate that she kneels in the Tower position." 
Kur of Gor   Book 28   Page 342. 

Posted on  2013 May 06    

Fogaban, THANK YOU!!
Posted on  2013 Apr 10    

To Ellie Spirtor,

There is now such a feature. *smiles*
Posted on  2013 Mar 30    

Can you put a search field on your site so you can search the entire site?  I have found your information most expertly compiled and it helps in my discussions.  Thanks!
Posted on  2013 Mar 16    

Tal Fogaban

I quote "~The Gorean Cave~ is not a substitute for the Books themselves."

I could not agree more.  There is no sbstitute for the books within them all the knowledge of Gor is contained.  I refer to them as "The Great Scrolls".

However, while The Cave is not and does not pretend to be a substitute for the Graet Scrolls it is one of the finest, non-book educational tools available to those wishing to learn of Gor.  Not a substitute but an excellent supplement and reference.

I congratulate you on the amount of work that you have put in to produce this wonderful reference supplement for the greater good of Gor.

I wish you well  Fogaban

_Cernius of the Scribes
Posted on  2013 Feb 16    

This girl not only has done a Bazi Tea (LOL) service but knows where it came from into the online Gorean culture.  It stems from a very old Japanese tea service with the 3 cups each meaning something like wishing for long life, fortune, prosperity, etc. ~ Smiles
Posted on  2013 Feb 07    

I want to say thank you Master for this site.  I read the books and I check your site for what I'm learning to see if they match and so far I'm gleaning the same information that you're sharing here.

Tal and be Well
Posted on  2013 Feb 07    

Looks amazing Master, alot more detailed then a girls site years ago. Thank you for all that you have done.
Posted on  2013 Jan 26    

I have just discovered your website and not knowing much about Gor or Gorean lifestyle found it amazing. Congratulations on putting together a wonderful source of information. 
Posted on  2013 Jan 22    

The 'Gorean Cave' is well done. It is one of the few Gorean websites that I regularly direct new folks to visit for specific information.

Thank you.
Posted on  2013 Jan 10    

Tal, I didn't see a category going over the fauna of Gor, I saw the one on Flowers.  Perhaps something to add..   Just a suggestion, and if there is one then I obviously missed it.
Posted on  2013 Jan 05    

Dear Fogaban,I just wanted to thank you for the long hours of extensive research you have done here and the accuracy with which this information is presented. Reading the books is a worthy endeavor to understanding how to present my Free Woman charater in a role play format. The only thing I have now, the difficulty in finding, is information on specific cities and Home Stones. If that could also be placed here, that would greatly help me in short listing information for my fellow role players. Not everyone has the time to read the books as I have. Nor do they posses them to read.  Thank you for your efforts here to intelligently and accurately depict the Gorean World of John Norman's Epic Series. It is well done!!
Posted on  2012 Dec 28    

Great website, I wonder why there is not a section on animals in Gor, could you include this information please as recently somone told me there are Wolves in Gor, which is new to me.
Posted on  2012 Nov 23    

I just wanted to say how happy I was to find your site. I have been involved in the Gorean lifestyle for several years and have done some writings on the subject. Your site will make those writings much easier for me. It has been very difficult to find information on Gor that isn't attached to some roleplaying site or the half-delusional fantasies of some self styled online kajira. I can't imagine how long it must have taken to compile all of this. You have my highest regards. 
Posted on  2012 Nov 15    

Master Fogaban...a girl respectfully thanks You for this site as well as its clarity and intelligent research.  she wishes You and Yours well... dancer
Posted on  2012 Sep 29    

Thank you .. Now I am understand it a hole more. I like the way you put it all together with the book.

Posted on  2012 Aug 10    

Is there a chat online that roleplays Gor by the books instead of the disneyland i have found thus far?
Posted on  2012 Jul 18    

This quite easily the finest informational site on Gor I have ever found. thank you and may you always have water!
Posted on  2012 Jul 10    

I am sorry i asked for a quote did not see the above , but i do want to thank you for all your hard work and quotes it really helps in my training of slaves.
Posted on  2012 Jun 28    

I am looking for quotes in the book not about how to greet but if there was a particular order of how slaves should greet. In most places slaves greet own Master first then lead FM , then other FM's then FW then slaves. Now if the slave has a Mistress does she greet her first or as she is still just a woman greet FM's first and then her Mistress and other FW? 
Posted on  2012 Jun 28    

A wonderful resource - thank you so much Fogaban

I truly wish you well...
Posted on  2012 Jun 01    

first of all, compliments for your site. i found it really complete and well administrated. i'm contacting you about the "year page", where you talk about the year in gor and in the earth. i think there are some mistake u did, in primis tarnsman isn't pubblished in 1967 but in december of 1966. i'm glad to sent to you my notecard where i can prove you we are in 10'161 now... can i sent to you? where?
hope to talk with you soon
best wishes :)
Posted on  2012 May 04    

Amazingly organized and and carefully supported statements. Thank you so much.......Master.
Posted on  2012 Mar 27    

Tal Master 
This girl is looking for a quote that may tell of a slave girl taking her  life cause she has been in slave by as Master that is bad and only took her cause she was to be FC  to another.
Posted on  2012 Mar 24    

This slave is very much enjoying this website.  Her and her Master are both Gorean and are reading through the books of Gor using your website to learn even more.

Thank you!
Be well
Posted on  2012 Feb 22    

I found this site several years ago and have used it for its in depth information. I am very particular about the type of info i retrieve from the internet. I am a strictly BTB player of SL and i need to find a quote quickly i come here. 
Posted on  2012 Feb 15    

Tal,  Great work in the site - It will be one of my few book marks.  I am amazed at the misinformation Propagating on the web. Glad to see it is scribed here correctly  I will reference the site often.  I wish you well Fogaban.
Posted on  2012 Feb 07    

This site is filled with great things i must compliment You on Your hard work, it certainly shows.  i eagerly look forward to reading more
Posted on  2011 Dec 19    

Since this is my site, I will respond, this time. Next time, send me an email. Here is just one reference of many: "And I will bring slave perfume, too," he said, "to souse you with, you stinking little slut of a slave." Tribesmen of Gor - Page 341
Posted on  2011 Oct 26    

I am desparate and I hope somebody can help me with this, is there any quote that actually entitles a slave girl as "slut"?
Posted on  2011 Oct 26    

i found your website to be somewhat interesting but as it claims on the first page to be for Goreans and the Gorean lifestyle to be utterly misleading. You talk about onlineisms and "disney". when it comesdown to it everything online is an ism. you then go on to talk about btb?? are you aware that so very much which is btb (they are fiction btw) would get the Free arrested here on earth where things are REAL. i know one girl who was "furred"...on earth it's called rape when the girl is unwilling.
i hate when people claim lifestyle yet mean rp
Posted on  2011 Oct 15    

Just wanted to say that I had not visited Your site in ages and want to compliment You on the fine work You have done.  I was looking for the site for a new girl needing quality and credible information regarding Gor.  Your dedication, thoroughness, and attention to detail is unmatched.
Posted on  2011 Oct 05    

Please...where might a slave find a Gorean room online to truly serve?  This girl only wishes to serve and please...
Posted on  2011 Sep 03    

Just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into the Gorean Cave.  Your site is one that i know i can rely on to be accurate and true to the books. For the most part i agree with your personal conclusions on many aspects covered here.  Thank you for making it available to all of us to share.

Posted on  2011 Aug 26    

Very true! Makes a change to see somneoe spell it out like that. :)
Posted on  2011 Aug 18    

just wanted to say this site is helpful..hope to find some one that can help me learn more..thank You so very mystic  (email)
Posted on  2011 Aug 16    

The BEST BTB Quotes on the web. Each is exact and not embelished or made up. Finally a place were you can grab a quick quote and know its authentic!
Posted on  2011 Mar 19    

I thank you for these wonderful pages of information.  I have completed reading all but the last book and am in the process of reading it now.  I find your website to be 'the best' source of 'btb' information and I use it all the time.  I am also sending our players to your site.  I am a rplayer on and we are trying to be as btb as possible.  Again thank you for all of your hard work.  I wish you well
Posted on  2011 Feb 23    

Great site!!! My compliments, that is what I was looking for. Always trying to throw off all those onlinisms on cyber Gor. But they seem immortal! 
Posted on  2011 Feb 22    

Tal Visitor,
I applaud your comments on SecondLife Gor, onlineisms and ignorance.
Those that know, do. Others that don't know, can only watch.
I wish you well,
Posted on  2011 Feb 18    

Tal all! Have been to SL Gor a long time ago and then left for various reasons. I had hoped to find more Sims with people who have at least a couple of the books and who know what they are doing. But in many cases there was a great delusion. It is like finding golf players playing rugby! And even there seem to be more onlineisms as in the past, and - when you dare to tell the people - more offences when the feel "caught" in their ignorance. Well, I won't give in! 
Posted on  2011 Feb 15    

I have not much to say other than i really enjoy this site, it is a splendid one for those new to Gor and those that have been around for a while.
I love all the information that is provided here and i go through it as much as i can.

all that is left to say:
Thank You for the effort and time put into this site, it shows it is done by someOne who is committed, thank You for sharing this!!!

Posted on  2011 Feb 13    

Greetings Master Fogaban,
I just wanted to thank you for this site, the work that it took to compile it and the continued support of it. I often look for random quotes on days when things seem difficult to remind me of "why." I wanted to share with you how much I appreciate this site being here. Thank you.

Slave to Koda
Posted on  2011 Feb 11    

I  love this site  and I think you  for doing  this.  
Posted on  2011 Jan 28    

The clan of 'scarers' is actually a typo (carried through from earlier editions)
a 'scarer' is someone who scares people - a person who inflicts scars is a 'scarrer'

One point that a lot miss is the meaning of 'nadu' - it only means 'position' (cf the constant use of it in Dancer where 'position' was the command and it was referred to as 'the open leg position' . Strictly it should ba 'nadu pagar kajirae' (position of the pleasure slave'). This would fit JN's habit of switching words - he is totally inconsistent with 'tal' and 'greetings' (both mean the same - similarly 'nadu' and 'position'
Posted on  2011 Jan 02    

the mention of sugars, where it says the tosbit was covered with four sugars, i think it means scoops or spoons of sugars, not different colors ya think?
Posted on  2010 Dec 13    

I should have finished reading all questions. #75 states what I meant (^.^)
Posted on  2010 Dec 11    

I have read your answer to question #51, and find myself in disagreement.

As the question does not explicitly mention "paga taverns". It is quite logical to presume that a FW, of low-caste, and without access to slaves (considering also the ratio FW-Slaves) would be expected to "serve" her father/brothers/uncles/FC food and drink, within her house.
Posted on  2010 Dec 11    

Greetings my friend,

Long time no see.....that doesn't mean I don't think of you now and then though.

I wish you well,

Posted on  2010 Nov 30    

i would just like to say Thank You. Your site has been a great source of information for me ever since first coming to gor. I have read all the but the last book. Kur of Gor. I am of a strange sort Master smiles reading the books i will know this or that happened but a photographic memory i dont possess. I forget which book its in so usually do a search and more often than not girl ends up in Your cave. I send many a girl and Free here often. Just wanted You to know You are appreciated Master very much indeed. Happy Thanksgiving ,being Canadian i already gave thanks for You and Your site smiles.
Posted on  2010 Nov 24    

Tal Raistlin, 
I hope you're well.

I would look at it this way, most slaves might've been clothed, by their owners. Yes in many cases the mill slaves or slaves for hire were dressed by slavers but that was not always true either, and many owned slaves didn't have clothing. That was strictly up to their owners discretion. As far as city slaves go, honestly I think that would be the decision of the city, and or region, as for the Var, many of the bonds wore clothing outside due to the cold, but were to take them off once inside. I know in My city if the girl is not a white silk she is not to be dressed unless her owner has given her apparel. 

Which brings Me to a quandary Myself. I have heard it said a slave's heat is not to be exposed in front of a FW, 

(No, they don't nadu to a FW.) 

However if that slave was not given silks or anything to cover with, then how could this saying be true ? 

But in Your case, I think it would depend on the laws or rules at that city.

I wish you well
Posted on  2010 Oct 06    

I have a question on the subject of slaves roaming around the city of there Home or even in a strange city unclothed 
would they have wore a tunic in public or would it be at their Masters wish they would be uncopvered
Posted on  2010 Sep 20    

Tal good Sir , I thank you  for this wonderful forum  it has helpd my rp  alot  I play in Second Life  and the luthern scroll and  the onlinisms  make me shake my my head  alot  you have helped  alot  with your words of wisdom   and I have  passed it on to many  to read and learn from as well , your time and effort  on this  site overwhelms me . Blessings to you and your's  and again many thanks  
Posted on  2010 Sep 09    

Tal Fogaban, I hope the day finds you, and yours well. As you know the feast of Se'Kara is approaching. It would be an honor if you would maybe visit us in PalaceChat, and hold a discussion at the Sardar Fair Grounds. You would not "have" to download Palace either, you could visit us via a web page based palace. We have a vibrant Gorean community here and over 28 homes actually participate in the Sardar Fairs, and around 80 Gorean Homes on Palace. With a mix of both lifestyle and online role play. We of Palace Gor have weeded out about 99% of the onlinisms through the years. We are not asking you to leave your venue, just hoping that you will visit and possibly hold a discussion at the Sardar Fairs. I hope to hear from you soon.

I wish you well,
Posted on  2010 Sep 04    

Tal Fogaban, I'd first like to commend and thank you for all your hard work and research. I'd also like to thank you for giving us your blessing to add a banner and link from our chat site to your site.

It can be found@  By clicking the banner named "Basic Gorean Knowledge" below the site introduction.

Thanks again,
I wish you well
Posted on  2010 Sep 01    

First of all, Tatankasa, thank you for taking the time to post.
Instead of getting upset over someone telling me what to write on my own website, I will, instead reply this way:
As an answer your question, I haven't avoided or slighted the Red Savages as a group.  No more than I haven't written anything specifically about the Red Hunters of the far north or the Tribes of the Tahari.
However there are references to the Red Savages in at least the pages on Weapons and High Councils.
I wish you well,
Posted on  2010 Aug 23    

I may be blind, yet I find little reference to the "Barrens". Two books were written about it, and yet few bother to read them.
Any failure to look into this great special area of gor is a travesty and some say an indication of lack of knowledge. 
I hope I am proven wrong and you have included a section about the many tribes no the Barrens and their culture. You have about every other area.
Posted on  2010 Aug 22    

Tal Fogaban ,

Is great to see an accurate site about Gor and not the online crap you see scattered around the net elsewhere. Thanks and keep up the good work !

I wish you well ,

Posted on  2010 Aug 03    

I just wanted to say that I found this site very useful. My Master used to be into the Gorean lifestyle online, but left because he was tired of the games and being scorned for actually caring about the slaves enough to help them in their personal lives. Apparently this was very unmanly of him.

Anyway... I've never had any interest in the Gorean lifestyle, but I have been enjoying the books. And recently admitted to my Master that there are certain aspects that I find appealing. So I have been reading the books to get "real" info rather than the crap online.

I came across your site today when looking for something else and found it to be a breath of fresh air, so I wanted to thank you for taking the time to put it together.
Posted on  2010 Jul 04    

Master - suraya would just like to say that she thinks this is one of the best sites that she has seen regarding the strange and wonderful world we live on.  One hopes that you will continue this with much success!
Posted on  2010 Jun 26    

I'm going to break my own rule, because, well it's -my- rule and I can.
Anyway, I am going to reply to a post here by a very dear friend of mine, ~Dangrus.

I can not begin to express to any of you who don't know her but she is one of the most rooted Gorean Free Women you will ever find.

So very long ago, when I first ventured into online chat, D taught me a valuable lesson. One I have never yet forgotten. And I one I never shall.

I shan't go into those details here. Perhaps one day I'll write an essay . . . but that another story.

In any event, dear D, I tip my head to you once more and always, I wish you well.
Posted on  2010 Jun 04    

Tal Fogaban,

I am having difficulty finding book quotes of actual existance of city kennels. One person i met feels the city kennels are actually an onlinism but not by the books and that most slaves were privately owned or owned by the tavern Master. So my question to you is this, are city kennels by the books of Gor or onlinism.
thankyou for considering this task to help my.
with appreciation for you help

Posted on  2010 Jun 03    

Today is John Norman's 79th Birthday.

I tip my head to you for all you have provided, for all of us.

Posted on  2010 Jun 03    

The new site looks gorgeous!

Wishing you most well, 

Posted on  2010 Jun 03    

thank you for the help and the opportunity to learn from you.
Posted on  2010 Jun 02    

Thank You Master for keeping these pages up... Is awesome
Posted on  2010 Jun 01    

This has been the most comprehensive, well-prepared website for the Gorean lifestyle that i have found. Very well done and most helpful. Thank You Master for preparing the information.
Posted on  2010 May 28    


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