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Year 10,174 Contasta Ar

Wench Sport or Slave Sport

These are the relevant references from the Books where Wench Sport or Slave Sport is mentioned.
I make no pronouncements on these matters, but report them as I find them.
Arrive at your own conclusions.

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Supporting References

Tarna had, in fury, sent them to the lowest levels of her kasbah, to serve there as wench sport for her soldiers. Little did they know but their proud mistress, whom they had never seen had recently, as they had, now, too, a rightless slave girl, served men, she herself richly yielding rude soldiers delicious wench sport. "Tal, Master," they said to me. "Tal, Slave Girls," I said to them.
Tribesmen of Gor       Book 10       Pages 344 - 345

I looked at Belisarius, bound and gagged before him.

"Use her for wench sport," he said, "and then return her to the Chatka and Curla."

The slave hood was pulled up, and opened, and then pulled down and over my head; it was folded and tucked under the chin, taking up its slack, and the leather belt, looped twice about my neck, was drawn through its loops, tightened and buckled shut.

By one ankle I was pulled across the tiles to the side of the room.
Slave Girl of Gor       Book 11       Pages 338 - 339

I smiled. I had little doubt but what Kenneth said was true. "May I inquire as to the contents of the note, that which accompanied her?" I asked. I gathered that Kenneth would have been willing to let me read it, had I been able to do so.

"It specifies that she is to be exempt from assignment to male stable slaves, that she is not to be given to them for wench sport."
Fighting Slave of Gor       Book 14       Page 250

Let us suppose that the Gorean youth buys his first girl. Before this, of course, he may have used house slaves or the girls in the paga taverns. Indeed, in gangs of roaming youths, he may have caught and raped slave girls on errands in his own city. Some young men regard this as an interesting sport. If a magistrate should chance upon them in some alley he will commonly say, "Thigh," to them, and they will turn the girl, so that he may see if she is branded or not. If she is branded, he will commonly continue on his rounds. The unauthorized rape of slave girls, without the permission of their masters, is officially frowned on in most cities, but, too, it is as often winked at.
Guardsman of Gor       Book 16       Page 184

"We send them into the villages, upon occasion, some of them," said the first lad, "to work, if there is a call for them, or to deliver roots and berries which they have gathered to the women. Too, of course, they are useful in twisting grass for tinder and gathering wood and kailiauk chips for fuel. These things, then, too, they must deliver to the villages."

"Surely some are sent in occasionally for wench sport," I said.

"Sometimes we deliver a string of five or six into the camp for that purpose," said the first lad.
Blood Brothers of Gor       Book 18       Page 128

"Greetings, Master," I said.

"The blond slave whom you took for wench sport," he said, "is no longer in the herd. She was exchanged in a giveaway and her new master, reportedly, is quite pleased with her. It seems she is now to serve in his low lodge, away from the herd, convenient to him, as a prize slave."
Blood Brothers of Gor       Book 18       Page 193

"You did not buy me merely for this," I gasped, "for wench sport, to make me cry out and sob, and yield to you. What do you truly want of me? What are you going to do with me?"
Kajira of Gor       Book 19       Page 351

Stealing slaves, as you might expect, is a not unusual practice on this world. Among many young men the theft of slaves, and even of free women, from enemy cities is regarded as a sport. Among slavers it is regarded as a business.
Witness of Gor       Book 26       Page 668

Well now was I aware of how I might have responded had they been concerned less to routinely open a young slave and had they been more patient, slower, less merciful. What if they had been tortuously slow, reading my body, playing upon it, as on a czehar or kalika bringing forth what music they wished? Could I help what I was, female, and slave? A thousand modalities attend the mastership and the slave learns a thousand yieldings, and submissions. She may be seized, and put to use in any place, at any time, in any way. She may be used abruptly, and cast aside, and rejoices to have been granted even so much. Does this not inform her, to her delight, that she is a slave? This thrills her that she is such, only slave, that she may be so used. And she may be utilized at length, should he wish, for Ahn at a time. The master may put aside days for slave sport mastering her in a hundred ways at his leisure. She learns the blindfold, the gag, ropes, wrapped silken cords, thongs, bracelets, and chains. She learns to bring the master the whip in her teeth, crawling to him, on all fours. She cooks, and sews, launders and cleans, and he may observe her at her lowly, servile tasks, until he summons her to his arms, that she may attend to her truest task, the pleasing and pleasuring of her master. She will bathe him, and he may comb her hair. Her garmenture, if she be granted such, depends upon his will. He may dress her and undress her, considering how she may best be displayed. He is concerned with her appearance. In the promenades she must look well on her leash. Perhaps he will have her taught the kalika or dance, dance such as is appropriate for such as she, slave dance.
Conspirators of Gor       Book 31       Pages 109 - 110

"Buy her," she said. "Get her out of your system. Get her on your chain, have her crawl about for a time in your collar, use her for slave sport, make her sob and cry, and beg, and then sell her."
Smugglers of Gor       Book 32       Page 192

"Is that an inn slave?" asked the voice.
"No," said Tajima. "She is my slave. I bought her for work and girl sport."
Rebels of Gor       Book 33       Page 342


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