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Wine of the Noble Free Woman

These are relevant references from the Books where contraception is mentioned as it pertains to Free Women.
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"That is what we must drink," I had informed her, noting with satisfaction the expression on her face as she had lifted up the bowl, filled with the foul brew, and had smelled it. "It is not like the delicious beverages quaffed by free women for such purposes, is it?" I asked.

"No," she had whispered.

"I am told, however," I said, "that the releaser is delicious. When we are given that we know that we are to be bred." This form of mating, as one might suppose, is carefully controlled and takes place under supervision. The slaves selected for breeding are generally unknown to one another, normally hooded and commonly forbidden to speak. In this way it is felt that certain complications may be avoided.

She looked down at the foul brew.

"You need not drink it," I said to her.

"No," she whispered. Then she lifted the bowl to her lips. She put back her head. Then, scarcely pausing to take a breath, she drained the bowl.

"Oh!" she cried, her entire body shuddering.

"That is slave wine," I said, "free woman."

I regarded her with some satisfaction. I thought that she might now understand, a little bit better than before, what it might be to be a slave.

"How can you drink it?" she asked.

"Do you think we are given a choice?" I asked

She put the bowl down, unsteadily.

"Will it work with a free woman?" she asked.

"If she is a female," I said. "Where do you think slave girls come from?"
Witness of Gor     Book 26     Pages 413 - 414

I looked down at the Lady Constantina.

She lay on her side, looking up at me.

I glanced at her legs, and then I asked her, "Have you had slave wine?"

"What is slave wine?" she asked.

"It prevents conception," I said. "Slaves are not to breed randomly. Their crossings are to be decided by masters."

"I have not had slave wine!" she said.

"A pity," I said.

"But I have had what I was told," she said, "was the wine of 'the noble free woman'."

"Strange," I said, "as you are a slave."

"You know I am not a slave!" she whispered.

"Ah, yes," I said, "sometimes, when I look at your legs, I forget."

"As you have had 'the wine of the noble free woman,'" I said, "it does not much matter. The substances, save in the pleasantness of their imbibings, are equivalent. Indeed, both have as their active ingredient sip root."
Swordsmen of Gor     Book 29     Page 154

Whereas, as suggested earlier, the effects of slave wine and "the wine of the noble free woman" are identical, the common ingredient being sip root, there is a considerable difference in the two drinks. Slave wine makes no attempt to conceal the bitterness of ground, raw sip root, whereas "the wine of the noble free woman" is flavored, spiced, and sweetened in such a way that it offers no offense to the delicate and more refined sensibility of the free woman.
Swordsmen of Gor     Book 29     Page 235

Slave wine has been developed by the green caste, the caste of Physicians, one of the five high castes of Gor, the others being the Initiates, the Builders, the Scribes, and the Warriors. The green caste has also produced the "releaser," as it is called, which is reputedly delicious. It removes the effects of slave wine. When administered the "releaser," a girl may expect to be hooded and sent to the breeding stalls. Needless to say, free women are not subjected to the hateful and disgusting, the contemptible and demeaning, miseries of slave wine. Related potions which might be quaffed by free women, if they should choose to do so, for they are free, are reputedly mild and flavorful, as would be suited to their status.
Smugglers of Gor     Book 32     Page 246

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